Vote NOW for 2018 Exhibition Theme

Here is the link for voting on the theme for our next exhibition.  These ideas are ones saved from previous shows.  This will be an “all member, non-juried exhibition”.  We will be voting again.  This first round must be completed by this Saturday.


Thanks for your prompt responses.  Watch for the next vote coming next week!



Meeting Reminder

Well that was the nicest August I can ever remember! To celebrate, make plans to attend our meeting next Saturday!

It’s “Bring a Friend” week and we have the New SAQA Trunk show to share and prizes for guests and members who bring guests!

Our meeting is at the International Quilt Study Center, beginning at 11:00! We will have cookies and show and tell and lots of fun.

Members, please bring your 12 x 12’s for 2018!

Share this invite with your guilds and other interested groups! We would love to meet you!!!

Meeting Reminder

Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) “Bring a Friend” meeting is Saturday September 9, 2017 from 11:00am-3:00pm.  Our meeting will be in the Seminar Room on 1st floor at the International Quilt Study Center Museum located at: 1523 North 33rd Street, Lincoln, NE. 68503.

We will have on display a SAQA trunk show containing 57 pieces of artwork from SAQA members.  Our meeting will be showing a new SAQA video called “Stitching Together a Global Community”.  We will have drawings for both non-members and members who bring a non-member friend to our meeting.

Members please remember to get your  2018 12 x 12 auction pieces completed and bring them to the meeting!  We are intending a show of this work before they are sent to SAQA next spring.  Show and tell is always appropriate!

Also I recieved an email from Robbie Eklow, an Illinois member and secondary Nebraska member who has a second home in downtown Omaha.  She mentioned that she is opening a studio in HotShops.  Those of you that are interested, she will be in Omaha this next week and would love to meet you!  I have contact info if you’re available and would like to meet up!  Robbie plans to be in Omaha at least one week a month, and more often this winter.  Welcome Robbie!

Come and join us for all the fun!!

What’s New and News

This summer has sure flown by fast, most schools will be starting in less than two weeks.

Where does the time go?

At our last meeting, Dianne Thomas had suggested displaying our SAQA 12 x 12 auction pieces before these are sent to SAQA in March. What a great idea!!! I checked with SAQA and this has been done before, so yay lets do it!!

Please try to have your 12 x 12 done for the September 9th meeting. Please have a sleeve and a slat for hanging. We are looking for two venues to display the 12 x12 before mailing them to SAQA in March 2018. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Cynthia Levis ( or Dianne Thomas (


Our next SAQA meeting is September 9, 2017 at The International Quilt Study Center Museum, 1523 N. 33rd St. Lincoln NE. This is our “Bring a Friend” meeting. We will be having book drawings for BOTH visitors and members who bring a visitor. This should be a lot of fun.

Start thinking of someone you would like to invite to our meeting. We will be showing one of SAQA’s one of new trunk show at the Sept. 9th meeting. Please bring “Show and Tell” to show all our visitors.


** September 16th will be the Opening Reception at LaMar’s Art Council 1:00-3:00 pm.***

We could make this a road trip. There is a nice quilt store in Sioux City, Iowa that we could stop by on our way to LeMars, Iowa. If interested in going, please contact Cynthia Levis


What’s going on:

Shelly Burge, Peg Pennell and Cynthia Levis have a exhibition called “The Eclipse” that is showing at Homestead National Monument of America near Beatrice, NE now through October 15th.


If you have any “Kudos” or “What’s going on” please send to Cynthia Levis or Rhonda Baldwin (


See you in September!
Cynthia Levis  or Rhonda Baldwin
SAQA Nebraska Regional Representatives

It’s Official!

It’s official! Cynthia Levis and I have taken over Nebraska! Well, SAQA NE anyway. For those of you who don’t know us, let me introduce Cynthia and myself to you.

Cynthia Levis (top right) is an artist originally from Hastings, NE and now makes Lincoln, NE her home. She is an avid quilter and artist and belongs to many fiber art groups in addition to SAQA. Cynthia has been a member of SAQA for several years and has been our region’s exhibition chairman. She has gained much experience in finding galleries to hang our exhibits and has worked very hard to get our work shown around Nebraska and surrounding states. Cynthia is also working with the SAQA Global Exhibition Committee.

Cynthia can be reached at

Rhonda Baldwin (bottom right) is an artist from Grand Island, NE. She is a surface design specialist and incorporates her own designs in her work. Rhonda has been a member of SAQA for many many years and has helped on the Regional Technology committee. She produced a print-on-demand book showcasing our region’s work as an aide to gallery inquiries.

Rhonda can be reached at

Please contact either one of us for news and information on upcoming events and meetings in our region as well as expressing kudos and congratulations for your own exhibitions or events that may be of interest to our membership.

We have lots of exciting and educational ideas for upcoming meetings and we look forward to hearing your input.

Our next meeting is Saturday September 9th at the International Quilt Study Center Museum located at 1523 North 33rd Street, Lincoln NE. This meeting will focus on showing off our 2018 12” x 12” auction quilts, possible locations for their display and discussion of our next regional show theme. Please plan on bringing your piece to share.

Burkholder Project gave our SAQA NE group free gallery space during International SAQA Conference in Lincoln last April.  . They are located at 719 P Street Lincoln, NE in the Hay Market area.

Burkholder Project has invited members of SAQA NE to rent space at Burkholder Project.  Burkholder Project rents wall space and or studio space.  As of July,  Burkholder Project commission will be 25% plus the rental fee.

One of our members, Shelly Burge, is interested in sharing wall space with someone(s). If interested or if you have questions, please contact Shelly Burge at:


Jun 2017 Meeting Recap

Hope, everyone made it through this week of bad weather!


The upcoming dates for SAQA Passages are:

Sept. 1 – Oct. 31, 2017 LeMars Art Council, LeMars Iowa

Dec. 1 – 31, 2017 Scottsbluff Art Council, Scottsbluff Ne.

Feb. 1 – 28, 2018 Gallery 92 West, Fremont Ne.

Sept. 1 – 29, 2018 Jewish Community Center, Omaha Ne.

Nov. 1 – 30, 2018 Beatrice Library, Beatrice Ne.

We still have open time between April 1 – July 30, 2018.  If you hear of any possible venue openings, please send me the information (


Our next show will be a Non-Juried Show.   Here are the past show theme ideas:

Electronic Age, Light, Up Close, Imagination, Compliment &/ or Complement, Food for Thought, Food, Dreamscape, Nightmares, Shoes, Footsteps, In Step, Out of Step, Rebirth, Fine Lines. Driven To Abstraction was brought up at the meeting.

At our September meeting we will be discussing a theme for the next non-juried Regional Show. Please bring your theme suggestions to the September meeting. In the future, there is an opportunity to setup a Multi-Regional Show.  In our discussion, we decided it would be better to table the idea for 6 months.


Dianne Thomas made a suggestion to make our 12×12 SAQA Auction pieces earlier so we could have them on display before we send the Auction pieces to SAQA. I spoke with SAQA about the idea and they think it’s GREAT! We will try to find at least two venues to show the 12×12 SAQA Auction pieces before they are sent to SAQA in March.



Our Featured Presentations at the June meeting were centered on this years SAQA Conference. Shea Wilkenson spoke on how she and Peg Pennell picked the panelists for the Artist Panel Presentation. Shea will be making up a guideline for future reference.

Rhonda Baldwin gave her presentation that she had given at the SAQA Conference. Rhonda was able to stop and answer questions through out her presentation, which made it very informative.

Gail Dickel – spoke about “Speed Dating.”  We were at one table, introduced ourselves, after 25-30 mins. everyone moved to a different table to meet more SAQA members.

Peg Pennell – spoke about the Lightning Talks, they were short talks with a slideshow.

Debo Hysack – spoke about SAQA Auction, showing the pieces she had purchased and how the auction was setup.

It was a very informational and enjoyable presentation from all the ladies!! Thank you!!!

After the meeting, we were able to view two exhibits, “Rising” in the lower level gallery and “Deeply Rooted” in the main level gallery at Great Plains Art Museum.


**Next Meeting September 9th, 11:00-2:00 at The International Quilt Study Museum in Lincoln NE***

Thanks for the memories

Hi all!

I have just arrived home from the SAQA conference in Lincoln and fear it is time to start building an ark!!!  So much water standing in all the fields and ditches along the roads!!  It was too bad the conference attendees were not greeted by better weather, but it sounded like they were still impressed by Nebraska and the IQSCM!

We all had an invigorating experience at the conference, gained a lot of knowledge, met a lot of talented artists, and got lots of wonderful ideas for our region’s future.  There will be much more on the conference later, so you can look forward to hearing about it and what a great and inspiring time the attendees from our region enjoyed.

I write today on behalf of Shea and myself.  We want to thank all of the region’s members for the rewarding and fulfilling experience we have enjoyed in being your Regional Reps.  We have each learned a lot and met a lot of amazing artists along the way.

We have enjoyed seeing your artwork, sharing knowledge with you, and learning from your experiences.

Thank you all for the cooperation and enthusiasm with which you have greeted every opportunity and activity we presented to you.   Thank you too for all the help we have received in making each idea a success.

You have a great team of co-reps taking on the leadership of our region and we hope you will give them all of the same eager assistance you have given us.

We look forward to a lasting relationship with the membership and wish you all the very best in your career as an artist.


Very Sincerely,

Peg and Shea

Peg Pennell
Nebraska Regional Representative
Studio Art Quilt Associates


   Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. · PO Box 141 · Hebron CT, USA 06248 · 860-530-1551


Meeting Dates 2017 and IQSC Calendar

Group Photo:

As our region is being featured on the SAQA blog soon, they would like some photos of our members. We were not too successful with coming up with too many, but we do have an opportunity at the conference to meet up for a photo.

If everyone who is coming to the conference will send me a quick email to let me know they are attending, I will try to hook us up with Jayne Gaskins, the author of the article. Here are her thoughts about getting a photo at the conference.

“I was thinking that, if NE is meeting somewhere, it would be a great opportunity for a group shot – maybe in front of the Passages exhibit? It would give us a group visual and would be a nice way to say “Thanks for coming to Nebraska!” If so, please let me know when and where so I can show up with my camera.”

I would like to try to make this happen, so if you are attending the conference, or will be in Lincoln I will try to set a time to get the photo. I know we are touring the museum during the conference and perhaps we can do it then. I will let you know after I hear back from those who will be attending or in the area.

Email me directly at: to let me know. Thanks!!


Remaining Quarterly Meetings for 2017

We will be moving a bit west for our meetings for the rest of the year. Below find the locations for the remaining 3 quarterly meetings. We will NOT be meeting at the Millard library in November but rather at the IQSCM.


  • Saturday, June 10 – SAQA Meeting at Great Plains Art Museum address: 1155 Q Street Lincoln NE. The meeting room is reserved for 11:00 am – 2:00 pm. We will be able to tour SAQA Deeply Rooted at the end of the meeting


  • Saturday, September 9 – SAQA Meeting at International Quilt Study Center Museum Address: 1523 North 33rd Street Lincoln NE. The meeting room is reserved for 11:00 am -2:00 pm


  • Saturday, November 18 – SAQA Meeting at International Quilt Study Center Museum Address: 1523 North 33rd Street Lincoln NE. The meeting room is reserved for 11:00 am -2:00 pm


Below find the IQSCM schedule for upcoming 2017 workshops and exhibits. Also be sure to check their calendar on a regular basis to see if any new workshops are being offered.
Upcoming IQSCM Workshops

“Hearing the Quiet: Soft Focus Painted Fabrics Workshop” with Linda Colsh

Sunday, June 11, 2017

9 a.m.-4 p.m.


Wool Rug Hooking with Polly Minick

Sunday, June 11, 2017

12-4 p.m.


“My Doll and I Get Groovy” by Sheila Green

Saturday, June 17, 2017

10 a.m.-Noon or 1:30-3:30 p.m.


“Featherweight Frenzy” & Nova Montgomery by Friends of the IQSCM

Thursday, June 22

9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.


“Featherweight Frenzy” & Nova Montgomery by Friends of the IQSCM

Saturday, June 24

9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.


“When Quilts Speak” with World of Quilts Travel

Thursday, August 10-Saturday, August 12, 2017


Barn Quilt Painting Workshop with Suzi Parron

Sunday, August 13, 2017

12-4 p.m.


To register for one of these workshops call 402-472-6549.


Upcoming IQSCM Exhibitions

The International Quilt Study Center & Museum’s exhibition calendar is full of new and exciting shows that highlight traditional quilts from our collection and others as well as those made by contemporary quilters and artists.

Additional programming is in the works, but here is an overview of some of the shows you can expect to see in the coming months:


Sacred Scraps: Quilt and Patchwork Traditions of Central Asia

May 12-October 15, 2017


Off the Grid: The Bill Volckening Collection

May 26 – August 27, 2017


Regarding Nebraska by Elizabeth Ingraham

June 2-September 17, 2017


Quilts by Edyta Sitar

July 11-October 8, 2017


Block by Block

August 4 – December 2, 2017


Small Talk by the Art Quilt Group

August 31 – December 2, 2017


Art Quilts by Erica Waaser

September 22 – December 5, 2017


Leather Quilts by Cathy Wiggins

October 10, 2017 – January 6, 2018


Expanding the Collection: New Acquisitions

October 27, 2017 – January 6, 2018



Lots of information, but lots to see and do for you!!

Hope to see some of you at the conference!!



Peg Pennell
Nebraska Regional Representative
Studio Art Quilt Associates



   Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. · PO Box 141 · Hebron CT, USA 06248 · 860-530-1551


Three Cheers for Shea!

Shea Wilkinson
Shea Wilkinson – Manufactured, 2015


New work!  Felted and stitched, from Shea Wilkinson’s Quilth Dimension


“Homo roboticus”

Celebrating Shea’s contribution to our SAQA Nebraska group over the last several years with photos shamelessly stolen from her Facebook page.  As she too steps down from leading our tribe, let’s all raise an honorary glass to Shea and Peg for all the work and planning that has gone into running our meetings and keeping us all on the straight and narrow!!  Here, Here!!

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