21st Century Quilts Announcement

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Are you interested in owning a gallery and showroom for Art Quilts?

21st Century Quilts, A Showroom for Studio Quilts, is closing by the end of this year. If anyone is interested in taking it over, in a different location (the current one is already taken by Denim Saloon, to expand next year), please contact Shirley Neary via e-mail or on facebook —  She is selling the name, concept, sign, benches, and some of the inventory.  A viewing can be arranged at any time.

August 11 Meeting

We have scheduled our first meeting for Saturday, August 11 at 10am in Omaha.  For safety reasons, we are not posting the location on the internet – please contact one of us to find out where we are meeting.We will be talking about goals and focusing the direction of our regional group; upcoming opportunities; and just getting to know our members.

Please bring a piece of your artwork to share with the group.  It will be nice to see the different styles and talents of our members.  Also, we encourage you to bring a friend along with you.  Our meetings are open to the public; you do not need to be a member of SAQA to attend any meeting that we schedule.  The only closed portion will be exhibits; the SAQA policy is that any exhibit by this group must only contain SAQA members’ artwork.

We look forward to seeing you on Aug 11,

~ Rebecca and Dori ~

Nebraska Art Quilts at Springfield Art Gallery

Don’t want you to miss the Art Quilt exhibit that is at our gallery (Springfield Artworks) thru Saturday, entitled Nebraska Art Quilts, A Celebration of Color.

Participating artists include Elaine Jones and Deb Hickman plus Peg Pennell, Joyce Kirchhoff of Lincoln, and Rebecca Lilly Segura of Bellevue and Margie Trembley (had an in with the owner 🙂 . I know its a busy time with the state quilt event coming up later this week but don’t want you to miss the opportunity to see it.

Hours this week are 1pm-5pm Tues-Thurs and Saturday 11ish to 4:30. Glenn will be helping me with sales while I demo at the conference ctr, so he may get there a little late on Saturday. So far, have not been able to find anyone to work for me Friday afternoon…. Hope you can make it. Thanks. Margie Springfield Artworks 183 main st springfield,NE 68059


Welcome to the SAQA Nebraska Blog on WordPress.  We are excited to offer this venue as a means of communicating local, regional, national and even international news.  Members are encouraged to share their news, photos of their artwork and favorite sites they follow.

Non-members can learn more about SAQA on their website, or contact one of the Regional Representatives, Rebecca Lilly Segura and Dori Settles.

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