A current list of our Region’s members with website links if available.  Please take a minute to visit their sites and see what they are working on!

Joanne Alberda

Rhonda Baldwin

Esther Brabec

Marge Bresel

Shelly Burge

Jo Drueke

Joan Duggan

Pat Dunbar

Michele Eakins

Karin Gundlach

Jane Haworth

Dorothy Heidemann-Nelson

Elaine Jones

Debi Kibbee

Cynthia Levis

Aimee Mahan

Wendy Maliszewski

Shirley Neary

Ada Niendthal

Marcia O Donovan

Debo O’Keefe-Hysack

Margaret Adele Parker

Peg Pennell

Paulette Peters

Teri Quinn

Marilyn Rembolt

Lora Rocke

Dori Settles

Penny Siefker

Louisa Smith

Pat Stava

Chris Taylor

Dianne Thomas

Dorothy Tuma

Shea Wilkinson

Roberta Willet

Katie Wilson

Last Updated August 2014


One thought on “Members”

  1. Hi!! Please include my name on the member list! I may have let my saqa membership lasp for a couple months but have been up to date for over a month now. Thank you very much! Tearee Caswell

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