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Studio Art Quilts Associates Nebraska Regional Prospectus

Passages” Call for Entry

Premiere Location: International Quilt Study Center & Museum Lincoln Nebraska

April 2017

Additional venues will be announced as they are added. Work must be available to travel March 2017 thru December 2018.

Show Concept:

PASSAGES can be an exploration of a moment captured in time or the instant of movement from one state to another. Feel free to explore the resting or active state of your chosen concept. Whether you think of it as a noun or a verb PASSAGES allows the artist the freedom to conceive a work which can be representational or abstract.

Examples and inspiration could include:

  • a portion or a section of a written or musical work
  • a designated path, a hall or corridor, a specified area
  • the right, freedom or permission for an act
  • the act of moving from one physical state to another, a transition
  • the physical transit from one location to another
  • the emotional or moral transit from one mindset to another
  • the act of legislating
  • the delivery or motion of an item(s) in reaction to another

Juror Pat Kroth

Originally a Chicago native, fiber artist, Pat Kroth resides in Verona, Wisconsin, just southwest of Madison with her husband and family. Her contemporary art quilts have been featured in many national and international exhibitions.

Pat creates fragment collage quilts comprised of tiny bits of fiber, trapped threads and found objects. These additions sometimes include anything from candy wrappers, safety pins, and computer paper to toys and fortune cookie fortunes. In other abstract works, the surface texture vibrates with high contrast, and saturated, intense color. With hand-painting, dyeing, and other surface design techniques she transforms cloth, and paints with thread. One body of work utilizes hand-dyed, then sun-printed fabrics, depicting images from nature: leaves, feathers, shells, and bones. Current explorations involve the use of transparent fabrics and materials to create stitched multi-dimensional and sculptural.

Pat is Curator for Fiber Artists Coalition’s touring Exhibition, Salvage and Selvage. She is currently the regional co-representative for SAQA IL-WI, and co-curator for The Eye and the Needle, and Deeply Rooted exhibitions. Pat’s work can be seen at .

Eligibility and Guidelines:

Please pay close attention to requirements listed; if there is any deviation from these parameters, your artwork will not be considered for the jury process.

  • Artist and any collaborators must be SAQA members
  • At least one SAQA Artist must have Nebraska as their primary or secondary region
  • Artwork must be available to travel from March 2017 through December 2018
  • Size Requirements: Width 20 inches; Length 40 inches with a variance 1 inch in width or length.

*For those who have already made a piece or have one in the works with the call’s original size requirements of: Width not less than 20 inches, not more than 25 inches; Length not less than 30 inches, not more than 40 inches with a variance 1 inch in width or length.

Your work will be considered in the jurying process to be included in the show.

If you have not already started your piece  PLEASE use the size requirement “Width 20 inches, length 40 inches with a variance 1 inch in width or length”.

We are trying to include as many works as possible in the show, and if they are larger, there will be fewer selected for the exhibition.  

  • Each piece must have a 4 inch sleeve on the upper back for hanging
  • Each piece shall be accompanied by a flat wooden or metal slat with 1/4 holes located at each end of slat
  • NO artwork which is framed or on stretcher bars will be accepted because of shipping/ traveling considerations
  • NO installation, 3-D or sculptural pieces will be permitted due to shipping and traveling considerations, however work surface may protrude up to 1/2″ inch due to piece elements or stitching. (must be able to be rolled)
  • Artwork must meet the SAQA definition of an art quilt (the art quilt is a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form of a stitched layered structure.)
  • All finished artwork must bear a label on the back listing the artist name, title of work, artist address and email or phone information
  • All Artwork must be able to be rolled for shipping
  • All entry information, fee, and images must be received by midnight CST January 15, 2017 to be juried for the PASSAGES Exhibition.
  • Send Digital photos and digital copies of entry information to: Debo Hysack at, cc. Cynthia Levis at

Entry Fee

  • $35.00 (non-refundable) per artist for up to 3 entries.
  • Fee due by midnight CST January 15, 2017
  • Mail check payable to SAQA and send hard copy of entry information and check to:

Cynthia Levis 5910 South 88th Street Lincoln, NE. 68526

Guidelines for Submissions

Checklist of personal information you will need to provide:

  • Artist Name (the name you use is the name under which your work will be exhibited; capitalization, punctuation and spelling will be reproduced exactly)
  • Artist Street Address
  • Artist City, State and Postal Code
  • Artist Phone
  • Artist email
  • Artist website
  • Artist Signature

Checklist of information about each piece you will need to provide

  • Artist Name
  • Title of work
  • Size; height by width in inches
  • Year work was created
  • Artist statement pertaining to work submitted (limited to 50 words or 250 characters)
  • Materials used to create work (limited to 100 characters)
  • Techniques used to create work (limited to 100 characters)
  • Photo credit if photo is not by artist
  • Is artwork for sale?
  • If yes, sales price
  • If no, estimated insurance value of work
  • The status of the work (for sale or NFS) and the value or price may not be changed after submission of your entry

Digital Information Checklist

  • Submit one overall digital image and one detail image  for each piece of artwork entered
  • Save your digital images as high quality JPEG files and label them with the initials of your work title and the word overall and/or detail.
  • Shoot your images straight on using a tripod if possible.
  • Center the image in the viewfinder and make sure the camera is level.
  • Use sufficient light to accurately represent the colors of your work
  • All edges of the quilt must be visible. Do not crop into the binding or edges.
  • Send the best photo you can. The images you upload maybe used in advertising for the exhibition or a catalog.

Send Digital photos and digital copies of entry information to: Debo Hysack, cc. Cynthia Levis at

Terms and Conditions

By sending in your entry information you agree to the following Terms and Conditions: I agree to loan my artwork to Studio Art quilt Associates Inc. I agree to pay to insure and to pay to deliver or ship my artwork to the first venue or designated location as instructed by the Exhibition Coordinators. I further agree to permit the digital or detail images and/or any part of my artist statement to be used in an exhibition catalog, any advertising and/or any multi media productions concerning or about the Exhibition.

Additional Information and Questions

Co-Coordinator Debo Hysack, Co-Coordinator and Curator Cynthia Levis. For additional information or questions about the registration process please contact Debo Hysack by email at cc. Cynthia Levis or phone: 402-607-0042 Questions on venues contact Cynthia Levis at or phone 402-607-0042

Burkholder Project Exhibition – deadline March 10, 2017

We have some more exciting news!

A gallery in Lincoln, the Burkholder Project, has REQUESTED a SAQA members show for the month of April 2017!!  Two of our members, Cynthia Levis and Chris Taylor are going to be the coordinators for this exhibition.  Since we won’t have a specific show available to the gallery, they will be curating a group to hang in the space.

Here is the list of information for the Burkholder Project  SAQA show:

Chris Taylor and Cynthia Levis are coordinators of the Burkholder Project SAQA show.

Art Quilt guideline, no more than 25 inches wide, no more than 50 inches long.

Need to have a sleeve at the top and a slat for hanging or Art Quilt piece stretched on stretcher bars with wire connected from width side to with side on back for hanging.

Art Quilt pieces can be for sale, Burkholder Project commission rate is 20%.

Need Artist statement, price of Art Quilt piece if for sale, if not NFS needs to stated

* Need to have photos of Art Quilt piece and information by March 10, 2017, please send as jpeg

If more than 15 Art Quilt pieces are entered, Chris Taylor and Cynthia Levis will curate the show.

Artist will be notified by March 15, 2017 if their Art Quilt piece has been accepted.

**Need to receive all accepted Art Quilt pieces by March 25, 2017!

Another great opportunity for us to showcase our art!  Put this on your list of “to dos” and get the information to Cynthia.


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