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Nebraska region to be featured in SAQA journal


We have exciting news to share with you all! Our region has been selected to be featured in an upcoming issue of the SAQA Journal! Today Shea and I were interviewed about our region’s accomplishments over the last few years.

While we had plenty of information to share for the article, one place we are WOEFULLY short is with photos of events. Particularly photos of members at events.

If you have ANY photos you have taken at SAQA events, especially, as I said with we SAQA NE people in them, I would appreciate your sending them to me ASAP!!!

The deadline for the article is fast approaching and we would like to give the author more than my pitiful 6 photos I was able to locate!!!

Thanks so much!!

This is a great honor for us!! We are small, but we are mighty!!! 🙂

Thanks in advance!!

Send to Peg, Shea, or post on our SAQA Nebraska Facebook page!


Kudos to Jane Haworth

Hi all, the sun is out and it seems like Spring is here at last!

I was just looking at the latest SAQA monthly update email and noticed that one of our own has artwork featured!

Jane Haworth’s piece is pictured in the news about the Fundraiser Auction! Yay!

Quite timely as we wait for April’s new baby giraffe to be born!


There is a lot of good information in this email about all things SAQA, be sure to read it and enjoy all the photos of the great artwork!!


First Friday Art Quilts on view in Lincoln

Area Exhibitions: First Friday in Lincoln

Remember, First Friday in Lincoln is next week, April 7. There are several great exhibitions up right now! The IQSCM will have SAQA Passages and Layered Voices on display as well as the continuing exhibition of the Quilts of Japan and Luke Haynes Log Cabins. REMEMBER: Museum Admission is free on First Fridays! 4:30-7:00pm

Other galleries have evening hours on First Fridays as well, Check them out!!

The Burkholder Project in Lincoln is featuring the art of Chris Taylor this month. Also featured is a display of our SAQA Nebraska members artwork. First Friday hours 5:30 – 8:00pm

Contact information for the gallery is:

The Burkholder Project
719 P Street
Haymarket District
Lincoln, NE 68508


Deeply Rooted will be on display at the Great Plains Art Museum in Lincoln. Cynthia Levis will be doing a gallery talk around 6:00pm. First Friday Hours 5-7 pm

Contact Information for the Museum is:

Center for Great Plains Studies
1155 Q Street, P.O. Box 880214
Lincoln, NE 68588-0214



Kudos to our members!

Did you notice that Dorothy Heidemann-Nelson‘s auction piece was featured in the weekly blast from SAQA on March 16?

Peg Pennell‘s piece Bunbury Welcomes the World won first place in the Bunbury Australia Art Quilt Challenge.

In the Fiber Art Friday newsletter today our Burkholder Project is one of the featured exhibitions featuring a photo of Wendy Maliszewski‘s piece. Wendy Maliszewski-conflicted.jpg




March 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Thanks to all of our members for coming to the March meeting. It was a large and dynamic group! If you weren’t able to attend, or need to refresh your memory, below are the meeting minutes (also stored for PDF download under “Meeting Minutes” tab above).

SAQA Quarterly Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2017


The quarterly meeting was held at the Millard branch of the Omaha Public Library. There were 17 members present. Pieces for the “Passages” and “Burkholder Project” exhibitions were collected.

Exhibition News:


17 pieces were selected for the exhibition Passages. Its premier showing will be at the IQSCM in Lincoln from April 18-30th. It will be on display during the SAQA Conference.

The exhibition will travel from March 2017 through December of 2018.

The following is a list of the currently scheduled venues:

Sept 1-Oct 30, 2017

LeMars Art Council, LeMars, Iowa

December 1-30, 2017

Scottsbluff Art Council, Scottsbluff, NE

February 1- March 4, 2018

Gallery 92 Fremont, NE

Sept 1-29, 2018

Jewish community Center, Omaha, NE

November 1-30

Beatrice Library, Beatrice, NE


Debo Hysack is working on some postcards that we can have to publicize this exhibition. We will let you know when they are available. She is also making some bookmarks to hand out.


Burkholder Project

April 4-30

Address: 719 P St, Lincoln, NE 68508

Phone: (402) 477-3305


Sunday– Closed

Monday– Closed

Tuesday 10AM–4PM

Wednesday 10AM–4PM

Thursday 10AM- 4PM

Friday 10AM-4PM

Saturday 10AM-3PM


IMPORTANT!!! The Burkholder Project will be open on the First Friday April 7 from 5:30-8:00 pm.

It would be great if some of the artists could be there during that time to represent SAQA!!

Chris Taylor will be providing treats for our group, thanks Chris!!!


First Friday In Lincoln-

Friday evening April 7th. Galleries that normally have no evening hours are open. It is a great time to visit and there is no admission on First Fridays!!

*Deeply Rooted will be on display at the Great Plains Art Museum in Lincoln. Cynthia Levis will be doing a gallery talk around 6:00pm . 5-7 pm

*Burkholder Project hopefully some of the artists with work displayed will attend. 5:30-8:00pm

*IQSCM- Great time to visit!! Quilt Japan, Beautiful Japanese quilts are on display, Luke Haynes Log Cabin quilts (displayed in a way you’ve never imagined!!), and Layered Voices, the SAQA exhibit’s premiere will all be there that evening. 4:30-7:00 pm


Arts Advocacy Day

Dori Settles brought us the opportunity to share a table with SDA at the Arts Advocacy Day to be held on March 21 at the Kaneko Gallery in Omaha. It is a day devoted to promoting non profit art groups and educating the public about these organizations.

This is a new to us event, so we don’t know what to expect, but we will talk to anyone and everyone that will listen about the joys of art quilting as an art form!!

Dori Settles and Peg Pennell will be organizing the booth and manning it during the late afternoon to close shift.

Debo Hysack and LaVonne Dunetts will be covering the day over lunch into afternoon shifts.

Dorothy Tuma will help with set up and will cover the early shift.

The Kaneko Gallery is located at 1111 Jones St, Omaha, NE 68102 The event runs from 7:00am to 7:00pm

Thanks to those who volunteered to help!!


Trunk Show Contest Results

Nothing like a contest to get the blood stirring. Our region put forth a valiant effort to win the prize for the Trunk Show participation. We did well, but did not finish first. We did finish a proud 3rd place in ALL regions!! 460 total pieces were submitted.

All pieces will premiere at the SAQA conference in Lincoln, after that the pieces will be divided into eight trunks and will travel to venues in and outside the US for 3 years.

Here are the numbers:

Taiwan 10 members/ 8 pieces 80%

Mexico, S&C America and Caribbean 19 members/ 11 pieces 58%

Nebraska 38 members/ 21 pieces 55%

Atlantic Canada 37 members/ 13 pieces 35%

Oceania 129 members/ 43 pieces 32%

Montana & Idaho 34 members/ 10 pieces 29%

Alaska 28 members/ 8 pieces 21%

Indiana 53 members/ 11 pieces 20%

Oregon 172 members/ 30 pieces 17%


Taiwan 100 members or less

Oceania 100 member and up

Thanks so much to all who participated! Your quilt will represent you and will travel and see the world for the next three years!! Don’t you wish you could go along!!


SAQA Conference

The April 28-30, 2017 conference, “Creation to Curation” is fast approaching! Of the 17 members at the meeting on Saturday, 8 are attending the conference. We are looking forward to a good time and meeting lots of like minded souls!

The conference is being held at:

Embassy Suites by Hilton
1040 P Street
Lincoln, Nebraska, 68508


There will be an art market open to the public on Thursday from 12-6 with vendors selling assorted wares. Our own Shelly Burge will have a table as well as Tanzanian Treasures from Omaha.


Kansas City Regional Festival
Karen Hansen from Kansas City attended our meeting on Saturday. She invited everyone to the bi-annual Kansas City Regional Festival to be held June 15-17, 2017 at the Overland Park Convention Center, Overland Park, Kansas. There are lots of classes and a LONG list of vendors!!

More information about the festival can be found at:

Her region will also have work displayed at the Crossroads Center in Kansas City. Contact Karen Hansen for more information:


Benefit Auction 2017 Pieces:

14 pieces that were made for the 2017 Benefit Auction were shown at the meeting. What a great, diverse group of artwork!!

Thanks to all who made a piece to be sent as a group representing our region. If you still want to send one with the group, I (Peg) will be mailing them on Wednesday March 15th so they arrive before the April 1 early-bird cutoff date.

Please get it to me (Peg), along with your $1.50 for postage, by Tuesday the 14th so I can box them to ship.



Shea Wilkinson was one of just 6 artists nominated for an Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award under the category of Best 2-D visual artist.

Cynthia Levis has been nominated for volunteer of the year for SAQA. Her photo and writeup were in the most recent issue of the SAQA Journal.

Shelly Burge has had two works accepted to the Sacred Threads Exhibition.

Chris Taylor will have her work displayed at Bryan Hospital East in Lincoln at 48th and Cotner during the month of April.


Meeting dates for the remainder of 2017

June 10, 2017– location to be announced

September 9, 2017– location to be announced

November 18, 2017– Millard Brand of the Omaha Public Library


Some possible future program ideas:

Critique Group

Recap of the “Creation to Curation” Conference

Workshops-possibly in marbling or shibori

A Fabric Swap


Also, remember to check the IQSCM and the Hillestead Gallery websites for workshop opportunities! There are some current workshops and they are both planning to offer more art quilt related workshops in the future!!


New Reps for the Nebraska region

After the SAQA Conference in Lincoln the new co-reps for the Nebraska region will step up and Peg and Shea will step down.

Your new co-reps will be:

Rhonda Baldwin of Grand Island, NE  and Cynthia Levis of Lincoln, NE

Shea and I have enjoyed representing the region, meeting everyone, and getting to know you all better. We know that Cynthia and Rhonda will do a great job and will have some fresh ideas for future activities for our group.


Until the end of April, continue to send information to Peg or Shea and we will handle it. After May 1, please send all SAQA information to

Cynthia Levis


Rhonda Baldwin


March 11 Meeting Reminders

A couple of things about Saturday’s meeting and what to bring!

Burkholder Project Exhibition:

*If you have already entered something for this, thank you!

*There was a misunderstanding about this exhibition and we would like just one item from each member, so if you have sent information for two, please decide which is your favorite to be exhibited and let Cynthia know which one that is.

*If you have not sent your information (photo, size, price, artist statement) to Cynthia, please do so RIGHT AWAY!! Like don’t even get off the computer, just do it now!!!! ….please. That was sort of commanding but I wanted your attention! This is such a great opportunity for us to show our work and we want to represent as many of our members as possible.

*Bring your items to the meeting if you will be there. Mark everything, the quilt, the slat, and any wrapping and packaging items with your name please!! If you will not be at the meeting, contact Cynthia Levis to arrange for getting your work to her.


*Please bring your artwork to the meeting if you will be there. When they are shipped for display to all venues they will be grouped (rolled together), but do bring your piece to the meeting (or to Cynthia) in a protected manner.

*If it is rolled on a supporting item, mark that and all packaging with your name so it can be returned to you. Remember to mark your quilt and slat with your name and the name of the piece.

12×12 Auction Pieces

*Remember to fill out the on line entry form, bring a copy of the emailed confirmation and $1.50 for shipping.

*If you will not be at the meeting but want to send with the group please get your piece to me (Peg) before the 15th as I will be shipping them out that day.

Hope to see lots of you on Saturday!!

Submit for Burkholder Project show, March 10 deadline

Just a reminder to send your entry information to Cynthia Levis by March 10….actually sooner than that if possible!!!!

This exhibition in Lincoln from April 3, 2017 – April 29, 2017 10am -4pm Tuesday through Saturday, it will be up during the SAQA Conference!!

There is no specific “theme” for the exhibit, you may enter a work of your choice that fits the size criteria.

Here are the details:

Chris Taylor and Cynthia Levis are coordinators of the Burkholder Project SAQA show.

Art Quilt guideline, no more than 25 inches wide, no more than 50 inches long.

Need to have a sleeve at the top and a slat for hanging or Art Quilt piece stretched on stretcher bars with wire connected from width side to with side on back for hanging. (label everything!!)

Art Quilt pieces can be for sale, Burkholder Project commission rate is 20%.

Need Artist statement, price of Art Quilt piece if for sale. If not NFS (not for sale) this needs to be stated.

* Need to have photos of Art Quilt piece and information by March 10, 2017, please send as jpeg to

If more than 15 Art Quilt pieces are entered, Chris Taylor and Cynthia Levis will curate the show.

Artist will be notified by March 15, 2017 if their Art Quilt piece has been accepted.