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Meeting Notes -Spring 2018

Hey Friends.

Here are the notes and meeting recap from the last meeting which was held Saturday, March 11th  at the International Quilt Study Center.  We had 16 members attending with all the comings and goings of the busy day.

We discussed the 12 x 12 Auction pieces and had a mini show on the display board of all finished pieces.  We discussed that we would need to collect the emails received by each member when they entered their piece.  Cynthia Levis is collecting these emails and will print them to attach to each piece when they are submitted.  Please forward your email to her for inclusion.  There were  two or three members whose work will be submitted separately as they

are finishing.  This is perfectly acceptable and you have until June 1 to participate.  All the money raised with these pieces make our organization s

o much better and help with the grants and keeping the dues at manageable levels.  Please participate if you can and a huge thank you to each of you that have submitted this year and in previous years.

Additional note:

This piece has no name or information on the back and we need someone to claim it.

As of Monday, March 19, these people have not forwarded their

email confirmation to Cynthia.

Kimberly Creamer, Tracey Herre, Esther Brabec, Roberta Willet, Dori Settles, Wendy Maliszewski, Joanne Alberda, Rebecca Kemble, Jane Haworth

Please forward that email to her ASAP at

Passages Calendars were distributed at the meeting.  The calendar is below.  Dates are available for the new show, The Natural World which will open next April, 2019 at Lauritzen

Gardens in Omaha, NE.  If you know any gallery that might be interested in this show, please contact Rhonda Baldwin or Wendy Maliszewski  Rhonda’s email is

Wendy’s email is

Kudos to Wendy for arranging a new venue for The Natural World  at the gallery in Wayne,Nebraska,   More details to follow.

A huge thank you to Dianne Thomas, LaVonne Dunnetts and Wendy for hanging Passages

at the Lauritzen Gardens venue.  Dianne and her husband also traveled to Fremont to bring it down, pack it up and transport it back to Omaha.  Such a big job and so very much appreciated.

Debo Hysack shared her experiments with Bubblejet set and digital printing.  She sees promise in this technique as a substitute for TAP, transfer artist paper, that is no longer being produced.

Epson inks which do not require bubblejet set treatments were also discussed.

Shelly Burge reminded us that her piece sold on the first day of the Collectors Auction last month for $750.00.  Congrats on selling your piece twice, once at the original auction and again at this one.  Beautiful work.

Chris Taylor showed her new work and passed around postcards about her show that is hanging currently at the Unitarian Church in Lincoln.  Show is open 9-3 Mon-Fri and 9-1 Sun.

We discussed having a small petty cash fund to take care of incidentals and small things that come up, like mailing the quilts to the auction, printing costs, etc.  We will investigate the procedure for these type expenses.

We also discussed having Betty Busby come and do a workshop.  We will investigate!

The program was a session of “Be the Juror”  Slides were shown and each person chose pieces for a simulated show.  it was fun to see all the work and make choices for a cohesive show. Members were able to see just what a juror goes through to choose work for a show and can use this experience to think about their work that is submitted for shows.






March 1- April 9 2018

Lauritzen Garden

100 Bancroft St, Omaha NE 68108

June 2018

Meadowlark Gallery

222 Central Ave, Grant NE. 69140


July 13-August 25,2018

Stalder Gallery, Falls City Library

1400 Stone St, Fall City NE. 68355

September 12-15, 2018


Paducah KY

October 3-6, 2018


Virginia Beach VA

November 2018

Beatrice Library

100 N. 16th St, Beatrice Ne. 68310


Fall SAQA Nebraska 2017 Notes

Note that dues are increasing January 1 so if you want to extend your membership at the current rates, now’s the time!

  • > NEW SAQA Regional Showcase
    • The Natural World has been approved by the Exhibition Committee. The complete call will be available early January 2018.
    • – New component of the entry will be providing an off cut or small touchable example to share with children and others. You may(not required) also provide a line drawing of your work to be used a coloring page for younger students.
    • – Rather than the regular opening, educational component/docent tours at selected venues will usher and educate viewers through the showcase. Volunteers will be needed to structure these tours.
    • – We will be offering the group the opportunity to have one of our member’s husband, Mike Dunnets, come and do photos for the showcase. More info will follow on the dates and costs involved, probably in November. Also we will revisit the entry program and have a “group” entry available for newbies to the process.


  • > Passages-Cynthia’s announcement

– Our Passages show will be part of the AQS Show in Paducah, KY and Virginia Beach, VA. Dates for Paducah —September 12-15, 2018 and Virginia Beach—Oct 3-6, 2018


  • > New trunk show next spring

– Dates are still available. Please let everyone know at your local guilds to check for an available date for Cynthia or Rhonda to come.  NO CHARGE TO THE GUILD except for mileage.


  • > SAQA How to Register program

– Please send an email to Rhonda at if you would like a copy of this slide show on how to enter using ArtCall.


  • > Dates and Times for next years meetings

– Time change: meeting times will be 10am-12pm. Extra time will be added to the end of this as needed for special events.

Please note these dates may have changed due to scheduling conflicts at IQSC. ALL MEETINGS WILL BE AT IQSC IN LINCOLN.

– MARCH 10, 2018             (2ND SATURDAY)

– JUNE 16, 2018                  (3RD SATURDAY)

– SEPTEMBER 8, 2018      (2ND SATURDAY)

– NOVEMBER 17, 2018      (3RD SATURDAY)


  • > Show and tell and Kudos

– Jo Alberda, Chris Taylor, Cindy Erickson, all had show and tell.

– Cindy Erickson had work and LaVonne Dunnets & Rhonda Baldwin had photos of work completed at the Deborah Boschert Class in Omaha earlier this month.


Our next meeting is March 10, 2018

Happy Holidays!!

Meeting Reminder

A quick reminder that our next meeting will be, Saturday, November 18 at 11:00-2:00 pm in Lincoln, Ne at the International Quilt Study Center. The Center is having their Friends of IQSCBazaar that weekend and many lovely things will be available for purchase with proceeds to benefit our quilt house.


A reminder to those who might be interested, SAQA Education Committee member, Deborah Boschert, will be teaching a workshop in Omaha on November 14 entitled Techniques with Fabric and Stitch. Omaha Quilt guild members pay $45, non-members pay $55. I was told there were two spots still available.

Here is the link for more information. She is also speaking at the guild meeting that evening.


The call for entry will come out in January for our next showcase. It is in the review process now and we will discuss the showcase theme and entry process. Our program will be on the entry process, so please bring a notebook take notes.


Those of you with pieces in Deeply Rooted, your pieces will be available for pick up at the meeting. If you cannot attend, please let Cynthia know ( and she will make arrangements to ship them to you.


Cynthia and I are working hard behind the scenes to make our region successful and look forward to seeing you all in November. Please keep us up to date with your kudos and bring any suggestions for programs to our attention.


Take care and Happy Halloween!

It’s Auction Time!!

This is the corrected version.

It is time for the 2017 Benefit Auction!!

The Auction will kick off at 2pm ET (3pmCT) on September 15 with Diamond Day Bidding – early bird opportunity to purchase ANY quilt for $1000.00.

Listed below are Nebraska members who have 12×12 pieces i the auction and the section it is located.

Section#1 (Sept. 18-24)

Shea Wilkinson, Chris Taylor, Elaine Jones, Dori Settles, Peg Pennell, Cynthia Parry

Section#2 (Sept. 25-Oct.1)

Jane Haworth, Joanne Alberda, Cindy Brendzel, Karen Hansen, Marcia O’Donovan, Dorothy Heidemann-Nelson, Rhonda Baldwin, Tracey Herre

Section #3 (Oct.2-8)

Cindy Erickson, Cynthia Levis, Linda Frost, Marilyn Rembolt, Shelly Burge, Jackie Stoaks, Roberta Price Willet, Debo Hysack

**** Make sure you vote for your favorite this coming week on the NEW Survey Monkey with the top 5 names for our next Nebraska SAQA Show*******

New Venues added for SAQA “Passages” Exhibition:

March1 – April 30 2018 Lauritzen Gallery Omaha NE.

June 1 – 30 2018 Meadowlark Gallery Grant NE.

Cynthia Levis

SAQA Nebraska Meeting Recap


The summer meeting was held September 9th at the International Quilt Study Center in Lincoln, NE.  This was our “bring a friend” meeting and 6 friends attended.  14 members were

present.  Two museum guests wandered in and stayed for a portion of the meeting.


Discussion of the theme of our next show was held and corrections were made to the previously suggested themes.  If was suggested that we include a “nature” type theme so

we might approach the Lauritzen Garden Gallery with this show.  A Survey Monkey survey will be sent next week with first round of voting finished by Sept. 16, followed by a final round by the end of September.  It is hoped that the call for entry can be finished by our next meeting.

It was mentioned that we will be using the SAQA website to enter and pay any fee due for this show.  It is encouraged to try it with photos this time before we try it with a juried show.

Passages, the current show, has had an additional venue added.  Lauritzen Gardens Gallery

will host the show March and April of 2018.

The opening reception for La Mars, Iowa is next Saturday the 16th from 1-3pm.  Cynthia is attending and has room for 3 passengers.  She could meet you in Fremont. Contact her if you’re interested.  Cynthia Levis at

The following is the list of show dates and locations for Passages through 2018—


April 2017 IQSM display during SAQA/Surface Design conference

September 2017 LeMars Art Council LeMars Iowa

October 2017  LeMars Art Council LeMars Iowa

November 2017

December 2017 West Nebraska Art Center Scottsbluff Ne.


January 2018

February 2018  Gallery 92 Fremont Ne.

March-April 2018  Lauritzen Garden Omaha NE

May 2018

June 2018

July 2018

August 2018

September 2018 JCC Omaha Ne.Jewish Community Center

October 2018

November 2018 Beatrice Library Beatrice Ne.

December 2018

There are still dates available as shown above.  If you know of any gallery or museum that might be interested in our show, please contact Cynthia Levis at


Congratulations to all those entering quilts and textile art in the various categories at the Nebraska State Fair, last month in Grand Island.  Our group members were well represented

in many classes and many ribbons and “Best of Show” prizes were won.

Kudos to these specific members on their accomplishments

Peg Pennell—magazine article published

Jane Haworth—Quilting Arts Magazine article

Peg Pennell, Shelly Burge, and Cynthia LevisEclipse Show at Homestead National Monument

Shelly Burge—work hanging in Texas Quilt Museum, La Grange, TX until Oct. 1, 2017


A video highlighting the benefits and support available to our members was shown. The

video about SAQA is available on the SAQA website.  Click on the “About Us” link and find the video link.

Guests were encouraged to join and the website was shown with links to join pointed out.  One new member was recruited on the spot!  Welcome Cindy Pape!!

The new SAQA Trunk Show was available to view and many ooo’s and ahhh’s could be heard from the viewers.  Three of our region’s members were in this show, Rhonda Baldwin, Dorothy Nelson, and Cynthia Levis.  Thanks Bill for getting it our to us so soon!


Chris Taylor shared class work from a Sheila Frampton Cooper class that was held at the IQSC in June.  She also shared that her process for dye painting fabric was filmed by Kat Karins and is available on YouTube.

JoAnne Alberda shared her new work that is small and will be featured in an Artist Collective sale this fall in Iowa.  Her work was small (12’ x 12”) and well thought out and planned around the price point of $50.00 for the bazaar.   Landscapes were her theme.  One of these pieces will be her contribution to the 2018 SAQA Benefit Auction.

Debo Hysack shared cloth that was painted in a class with Linda Colsh also at the IQSC, last June.  She shared an overview of the technique and the added patterning achieved from newspaper transfer.

Debo also shared the opportunity she learned about at the Schweinfurth Art Center—Information and link below


Donations(entry) through Oct 14, 2017

Three of the donating artists will be selected by the Schweinfurth to exhibit in Gallery Julius in 2018.

Up to 4 pieces, 10” x 10” allowed per artist.  Click on the link above for more information.


Our next meeting will be at the International Quilt Study Center on Saturday, November 18th from 11am-1pm.  Our program will be related to “using technology in the studio”  More information to follow.

The “Friends of the Museum” Bazaar is also that day, so you might want to bring some “spending money” to support the museum!

Meeting Reminder

Well that was the nicest August I can ever remember! To celebrate, make plans to attend our meeting next Saturday!

It’s “Bring a Friend” week and we have the New SAQA Trunk show to share and prizes for guests and members who bring guests!

Our meeting is at the International Quilt Study Center, beginning at 11:00! We will have cookies and show and tell and lots of fun.

Members, please bring your 12 x 12’s for 2018!

Share this invite with your guilds and other interested groups! We would love to meet you!!!

Meeting Reminder

Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) “Bring a Friend” meeting is Saturday September 9, 2017 from 11:00am-3:00pm.  Our meeting will be in the Seminar Room on 1st floor at the International Quilt Study Center Museum located at: 1523 North 33rd Street, Lincoln, NE. 68503.

We will have on display a SAQA trunk show containing 57 pieces of artwork from SAQA members.  Our meeting will be showing a new SAQA video called “Stitching Together a Global Community”.  We will have drawings for both non-members and members who bring a non-member friend to our meeting.

Members please remember to get your  2018 12 x 12 auction pieces completed and bring them to the meeting!  We are intending a show of this work before they are sent to SAQA next spring.  Show and tell is always appropriate!

Also I recieved an email from Robbie Eklow, an Illinois member and secondary Nebraska member who has a second home in downtown Omaha.  She mentioned that she is opening a studio in HotShops.  Those of you that are interested, she will be in Omaha this next week and would love to meet you!  I have contact info if you’re available and would like to meet up!  Robbie plans to be in Omaha at least one week a month, and more often this winter.  Welcome Robbie!

Come and join us for all the fun!!

What’s New and News

This summer has sure flown by fast, most schools will be starting in less than two weeks.

Where does the time go?

At our last meeting, Dianne Thomas had suggested displaying our SAQA 12 x 12 auction pieces before these are sent to SAQA in March. What a great idea!!! I checked with SAQA and this has been done before, so yay lets do it!!

Please try to have your 12 x 12 done for the September 9th meeting. Please have a sleeve and a slat for hanging. We are looking for two venues to display the 12 x12 before mailing them to SAQA in March 2018. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Cynthia Levis ( or Dianne Thomas (


Our next SAQA meeting is September 9, 2017 at The International Quilt Study Center Museum, 1523 N. 33rd St. Lincoln NE. This is our “Bring a Friend” meeting. We will be having book drawings for BOTH visitors and members who bring a visitor. This should be a lot of fun.

Start thinking of someone you would like to invite to our meeting. We will be showing one of SAQA’s one of new trunk show at the Sept. 9th meeting. Please bring “Show and Tell” to show all our visitors.


** September 16th will be the Opening Reception at LaMar’s Art Council 1:00-3:00 pm.***

We could make this a road trip. There is a nice quilt store in Sioux City, Iowa that we could stop by on our way to LeMars, Iowa. If interested in going, please contact Cynthia Levis


What’s going on:

Shelly Burge, Peg Pennell and Cynthia Levis have a exhibition called “The Eclipse” that is showing at Homestead National Monument of America near Beatrice, NE now through October 15th.


If you have any “Kudos” or “What’s going on” please send to Cynthia Levis or Rhonda Baldwin (


See you in September!
Cynthia Levis  or Rhonda Baldwin
SAQA Nebraska Regional Representatives