Thanks for the memories

Hi all!

I have just arrived home from the SAQA conference in Lincoln and fear it is time to start building an ark!!!  So much water standing in all the fields and ditches along the roads!!  It was too bad the conference attendees were not greeted by better weather, but it sounded like they were still impressed by Nebraska and the IQSCM!

We all had an invigorating experience at the conference, gained a lot of knowledge, met a lot of talented artists, and got lots of wonderful ideas for our region’s future.  There will be much more on the conference later, so you can look forward to hearing about it and what a great and inspiring time the attendees from our region enjoyed.

I write today on behalf of Shea and myself.  We want to thank all of the region’s members for the rewarding and fulfilling experience we have enjoyed in being your Regional Reps.  We have each learned a lot and met a lot of amazing artists along the way.

We have enjoyed seeing your artwork, sharing knowledge with you, and learning from your experiences.

Thank you all for the cooperation and enthusiasm with which you have greeted every opportunity and activity we presented to you.   Thank you too for all the help we have received in making each idea a success.

You have a great team of co-reps taking on the leadership of our region and we hope you will give them all of the same eager assistance you have given us.

We look forward to a lasting relationship with the membership and wish you all the very best in your career as an artist.


Very Sincerely,

Peg and Shea

Peg Pennell
Nebraska Regional Representative
Studio Art Quilt Associates


   Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. · PO Box 141 · Hebron CT, USA 06248 · 860-530-1551



One thought on “Thanks for the memories”

  1. Thank you, too, Peg and Shea, for being such good reps! It was so great for me to meet you and to become a part of SAQA Nebraska! The conference was wonderful. I was so impressed with the “Prairie Perspective” panel. Made me proud to be a mid-westerner!

    Jo Alberda

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