Three Cheers for Shea!

Shea Wilkinson
Shea Wilkinson – Manufactured, 2015


New work!  Felted and stitched, from Shea Wilkinson’s Quilth Dimension


“Homo roboticus”

Celebrating Shea’s contribution to our SAQA Nebraska group over the last several years with photos shamelessly stolen from her Facebook page.  As she too steps down from leading our tribe, let’s all raise an honorary glass to Shea and Peg for all the work and planning that has gone into running our meetings and keeping us all on the straight and narrow!!  Here, Here!!


2 thoughts on “Three Cheers for Shea!”

  1. Thank you, Shea, for all your work, too. I would love to see more of your work, you are do so well…and at such a young age!

    I see you’re working with felt. Maybe you could do a workshop for SAQA Nebraska some day.

    Jo Alberda

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