March 11 Meeting Reminders

A couple of things about Saturday’s meeting and what to bring!

Burkholder Project Exhibition:

*If you have already entered something for this, thank you!

*There was a misunderstanding about this exhibition and we would like just one item from each member, so if you have sent information for two, please decide which is your favorite to be exhibited and let Cynthia know which one that is.

*If you have not sent your information (photo, size, price, artist statement) to Cynthia, please do so RIGHT AWAY!! Like don’t even get off the computer, just do it now!!!! ….please. That was sort of commanding but I wanted your attention! This is such a great opportunity for us to show our work and we want to represent as many of our members as possible.

*Bring your items to the meeting if you will be there. Mark everything, the quilt, the slat, and any wrapping and packaging items with your name please!! If you will not be at the meeting, contact Cynthia Levis to arrange for getting your work to her.


*Please bring your artwork to the meeting if you will be there. When they are shipped for display to all venues they will be grouped (rolled together), but do bring your piece to the meeting (or to Cynthia) in a protected manner.

*If it is rolled on a supporting item, mark that and all packaging with your name so it can be returned to you. Remember to mark your quilt and slat with your name and the name of the piece.

12×12 Auction Pieces

*Remember to fill out the on line entry form, bring a copy of the emailed confirmation and $1.50 for shipping.

*If you will not be at the meeting but want to send with the group please get your piece to me (Peg) before the 15th as I will be shipping them out that day.

Hope to see lots of you on Saturday!!


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