March Meeting – Things to think about


Our spring meeting will be here before we know it! Please take a minute to consider the following:

Any topics of interest you would like presented, or an activity you think we’d all enjoy. Perhaps it’s time for a group fabric swap?!?

Also, and more importantly, please think about whether you’d like to step up into the role of a regional co-rep. There are two specific skill sets for each co-rep: For Pegs’s role, one needs good organizational skills and a willingness to follow up with regional and national SAQA news, and communicate with the regional members and national members. It’s a great role if you’re interested in networking with more SAQA artists. For Shea’s role, one must have some web skills, including posting news and images online. We are willing and ready to walk anyone through our processes so that we can ensure the vibrancy and health of our regional group long into the future. In conclusion, it’s fun, educational, and a rewarding experience, and the two years really fly by (just 8 meetings!). So please, everyone, give it some thought and be prepared to discuss at our meeting in March.



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