An exhibition opportunity in Lincoln

We have some more exciting news!

A gallery in Lincoln, the Burkholder Project, has REQUESTED a SAQA members show for the month of April 2017!!  Two of our members, Cynthia Levis and Chris Taylor are going to be the coordinators for this exhibition.  Since we won’t have a specific show available to the gallery, they will be curating a group to hang in the space.

Here is the list of information for the Burkholder Project  SAQA show:

Chris Taylor and Cynthia Levis are coordinators of the Burkholder Project SAQA show.

Art Quilt guideline, no more than 25 inches wide, no more than 50 inches long.

Need to have a sleeve at the top and a slat for hanging or Art Quilt piece stretched on stretcher bars with wire connected from width side to with side on back for hanging.

Art Quilt pieces can be for sale, Burkholder Project commission rate is 20%.

Need Artist statement, price of Art Quilt piece if for sale, if not NFS needs to stated

* Need to have photos of Art Quilt piece and information by March 10, 2017, please send as jpeg

If more than 15 Art Quilt pieces are entered, Chris Taylor and Cynthia Levis will curate the show.

Artist will be notified by March 15, 2017 if their Art Quilt piece has been accepted.

**Need to receive all accepted Art Quilt pieces by March 25, 2017!

Another great opportunity for us to showcase our art!  Put this on your list of “to dos” and get the information to Cynthia.


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