Local SAQA News and meeting report

Welcome Fall!

With the cooler weather our thoughts are turning to more time in the studio and less in the garden (or whatever keeps you busy in Summer!)

I, for one am eager for time in my dye studio after our fun play day with soy wax last Saturday!

12 members were present at Cynthia’s house for a fun day of soy wax and dyeing!  I have not had time to get my fabric washed yet, but so far it is looking great!  I hope all of you had good results as well.  Please remember to bring your pieces to our November meeting so all can see what you did at the Play Day.  Hopefully we can do more of this type of thing in 2017.  Many thanks to Cynthia Levis for opening up her studio space for us to have this fun event!!

SAQA Auction

The auction started on Friday September 16 at 2pm EDT!  Be sure to tell all of your friends to check it out.  It will run much as it has in the past with Diamond Day bidding – an early bird opportunity to purchase ANY quilt for $1000.

The 12″ x 12″ Auction Quilts are then divided up into three sections for bidding purposes. Each week, a different section of quilts will be available for bidding, starting at $750 and further reduced throughout the week.

I have gone through the sections and located our regions quilts.  I will try to keep track of all sales as I have done in the past to get a grand total for our region.  Since we send them in a group effort, it is always nice to see the total our region raised.  I try to catch them all as they sell, but if you see yours has sold, please drop me a quick email, all I need is the selling price, so I am sure not to miss one. Thanks!

2017 Trunk Show

Check out this opportunity to have your work on the SAQA artist tour!  The deadline is near – November 30, 2016– but the piece is only 10″ x 7, so not a huge commitment.  The trunk show will premiere at the SAQA Convention in Lincoln, NE in April of 2017.  Let’s represent our home region well with lots of participation!  Check out all the details on the SAQA website under:  Members, Calls for Entry.


The exhibition is still traveling, it will be in Grand Island at the Stuhr Museum until the end of September, then from Oct 2- Nov 30 it will be at the Nebraska History Museum in Lincoln.  This is the final venue for this show, so let your friends know these are the last opportunities to see it.

Deeply Rooted

The exhibition will be on display in Lincoln during the SAQA convention.  If you know of a location that might like to display this exhibit in the mean time, please contact me and I will let Cynthia Levis know.  


I hope you are all working on at least one entry for this juried exhibit.  All details are on our blog (Call For Entry-Passages) and the SAQA website under Members: Calls for Entry.  There was one error in the original listing of the call on the SAQA site.  The size should read: “• Size Requirements: Width not less than 20 inches, Length not less than 40 inches with a variance 1 inch in width or length”.   Hopefully this error has been corrected on the SAQA website call and will not affect your work in progress.  We have been sending the correct information and talked about it at our meetings and in the newsletter and on the blog, so we hope it has not created a problem for anyone.

SAQA April 2017 Convention

The sign up is now on the SAQA website.  There is more information, including the full schedule of events, under the “Members: SAQA Conferences” heading about the conference.  We are still looking for volunteers to help with assorted things in conjunction with the convention.  If you are willing to help, please let Shea or I know and we will get your name to the folks in charge.

Artwork on Display: Kudos to all!!!

Cherrywood Lion King Challenge – Members Rhonda Baldwin and Peg Pennell each have pieces included in the 120 piece traveling exhibition. The entire 120 pieces will be on display in Des Moines at the AQS show in October.

Dia de los Muertos in Textiles– Members Dorothy Tuma, Peg Pennell, and Debi Kibbee have pieces in this exhibition.  It is on display at:

Gallery 92 West, Fremont NE Through Oct 2nd.

Larger Than Life and Closure– Members Jo Drueke, Dorothy Heidemann-Nelson, Cynthia Levis, Peg Pennell, Marilyn Rembolt, and Pat Stava will have pieces on exhibit.   Jewish Community Center in Omaha From Oct 2-Oct 30

Assorted works by Midwest Fiber Art Alliance– Members Rhonda Baldwin, Marge Bresel, Shelly Burge, Gail Dickel, Jo Drueke, Joan Duggan, LaVonne Dunetts, Debo Hysack, Debi Kibbee, Cynthia Levis, Wendy Maliszewski, Peg Pennell, Dianne Duncan Thomas, and Roberta Price Willet all have pieces in this exhibit. Threads Across NE Oct 14 &15 Buffalo County Fairgrounds, Kearney, NE

TexturesMembers Rhonda Baldwin, Marge Bresel, Shelly Burge, Gail Dickel, Jo Drueke, Joan Duggan, LaVonne Dunetts, Debo Hysack, Debi Kibbee, Cynthia Levis, Wendy Maliszewski, Peg Pennell, Dianne Duncan Thomas, and Roberta Price Willet all have work in this exhibit at exhibit at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln from October 18 through November 11, 2016.

One Woman ShowMember Shelly Burge will have a one woman show at the City County Building in Lincoln, NE fromDecember 3, 2016– February 2017.

National Quilt Museum, Paducah, KentuckyMember Shelly Burge has two pieces on display at the museum until October 11, 2016.

Quarterly Meeting- final meeting for 2016

Our final quarterly meeting for 2016 is scheduled for Saturday November 12, 2016.  The plan is to have a social event as members have been wanting to get better acquainted.  The meeting is tentatively scheduled to be a daytime event at Peg Pennell’s home and be a “pot luck” type social event.  More details will follow soon!

At this meeting we will be scheduling the dates and topics for the 2017 meetings, so bring your ideas!  We want to continue to have fun, informative meetings for all.  Your input is VERY IMPORTANT to continue to present information that you want and have activities you enjoy!!!

I guess that wraps it up for now!  We have a very active region, lots to do and see!!

Happy Fall to you all!


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