More information about the Lincoln SAQA Conference

Hello everyone,

Hope you’re having a fun summer! More information is available about what you can do to assist the organization and help them prepare for a really fun time in Lincoln.

  • If you have any ideas of local people and businesses who would be interested in being a vendor at the conference, SAQA wants to know about them! It could be a range of items, anything you think quilters would be interested in. Rates for a table are very reasonable. The Vendor Marketplace coordinator is Susanne Jones from Virginia.  She will be sending out the official application forms and doing all of the contacting,etc.  but she really appreciates input and suggestions from local people. Susanne’s contact info is .
  • We should have the hotel registration link on the SAQA website in the next week or two.  Our conference rate is $139/night
  • There is a silent auction on Saturday evening along with our banquet.  Anyone can donate an piece–they are small 6″ x 8″ matted so that a bit less than 5″ x 7″ shows.  It’s a fun event, and bidding gets exciting at times.  SAQA will send out a call for those pieces in the near future.

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