SAQA Meeting next Saturday, June 11

Hello everyone,
In case you missed the email, here is the information regarding next week’s trip to the Joslyn, supplied by Jean Stillmock.
“Joslyn opens at 10:00 so we will be arriving when it is opening. Everyone will need a ticket; members will get one (or 2 if they have a dual membership) with their membership card (bring your card!) and nonmembers will pay the $10.00 special exhibit fee for their ticket. We can gather near the admission desk and head upstairs when all are ticketed. “
While there is parking around Joslyn, I would recommend you carpool if convenient.  Please be sure to be there right at 10, or a bit before, so we can start our tour on time.  If you find you are running late, or can’t attend at the last minute, please call me (Peg) so we don’t wait for you.  
I’m looking forward to the exhibit, the photos on the Joslyn website look amazing!”
See you Saturday, June 11th!

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