“Deeply Rooted” getting press

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See historical, contemporary quilt pieces at MONA’s ‘Deeply Rooted’ exhibit

Updated 3 days ago

KEARNEY — The exhibit, “Deeply Rooted: Studio Art Quilts Associates,” contains fiber, tradition, social circles and even a sense of family.

“Now it has morphed into an art form,” said curator Teliza Rodriguez. “I think these pieces still carry the basic ideas of communal life and a sense of community.”

Looking at quilts often gives viewers a sense of tradition, she added.

“They’ve taken these quilts to an art form where they aren’t functional anymore as quilts, but they’ve become more creative,” she said.

“Deeply Rooted,” a juried exhibition of 30 quilts organized by the Studio of Art Quilt Associates, continues on display at the Museum of Nebraska Art through Aug. 7. All of the quilts were created by members of the studio who live in Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

“We know that people love quilts,” Rodriguez said. “We like the idea of putting in a quilt show at least once a year or once every two years.”

The most recent show displayed historical quilts along with more modern examples.

“That showed traditional quilts as well as contemporary quilts that were not non-functional,” she said. “This current show highlights what is being done in quilting today.”

Rodriquez, along with University of Nebraska at Kearney intern, Alise Perault, worked with members of Studio Art Quilts Associates for several years before securing the “Deeply Rooted.”

“This is a show that we felt was a good fit for MONA,” Rodriquez said. “I think the show will be touring the state but we’re one of the first to have it. This is just a good time to work with contemporary quilters as well.”

According to the website of Studio Art Quilt Associates, the group “is dedicated to bringing beautiful, thought-provoking, cutting-edge artwork to venues across the United States and around the world.”


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