Potential Volunteer roles for the 2017 Conference

Below is a list of various volunteer tasks that would best be achieved by local SAQA members. There are a few items in particular that we would really love to be filled by members in or near Lincoln. Please take a look at the list and see if there is anything you would like to help out with. If everyone took one task, we’d get the job done in no time! Thanks in advance for your help – we’re going to host a wonderful conference, Nebraska-style.

Coordinate Friday Night Out

Gather a list of restaurants for small groups 4-8 to dine together. Be the point person with the restaurants (make the initial contact, make reservations, etc.) Assist SEC with sign-ups for the dinners. Please include restaurants with some vegetarian options.

Gather tourist information

  • Create list of local restaurants/breakfast places-especially ones within walking distance or that don’t require a car.
  • Create list of local things to do: fabric stores, galleries, museums, whatever you think the attendees would like to know about.
  • Create list of Local fiber exhibits for people to visit in their spare time
  • Arrange to have tourist info for conference bag
  • Staff hospitality Table during registration
  • Have a table at the registration staffed by people who know the area, can make suggestions, etc.
  • Help recruit Advertisers for the conference program
  • Help recruit Vendors for Vendor Marketplace
  • If there is to be a Regional Exhibition near the conference venue, we need someone to keep the SEC apprised.
  • Develop a list of people who want to volunteer at the conference (in conjunction with the Conference Coordinator) Please note: most of the help will be needed shortly before and/or during the conference.
  • Give suggestions for local conference sponsors
  • Receive packages (hotels charge for receiving packages shipped to the hotel), and bring the packages to the hotel when the conference starts.
  • Assist with other things as needed (shopping, printing, stuffing registration bags, etc.)

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