SAQA Auction piece due soon

The time has come again to prepare a 12 x 12 inch SAQA auction piece, which can be turned in at the next meeting (March 12)  if you would like to participate in the group mailing.  We always aim for the early bird deadline (April 1) for our group mailing, so this is the last meeting before then. Please bring $1 for shipping. The pieces will be mailed by the 18th of March.  The last deadline is June 1.

We have had a really good turnout from our region with this the last couple of years and hope to keep it up.  Last year our region’s 15 pieces raised nearly $3,000!  Let’s try to do it again this year!  I don’t know if there will be an opportunity to submit artist videos of how your work was created, but you might make one, just in case. 🙂 Alternately, take multiple photos from the same vantage point as your project progresses. SAQA can create videos from those.

View the full instructions for auction quilts on the SAQA auction page.


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