Attend workshop even if not a saqa member!

Are you a fan of fiber art or surface design, and would like to attend January’s workshops (see below) but aren’t a member of SAQA? No problem! You can attend the classes for $150 each. What a great way to spend an afternoon with old friends and the new ones you’ll meet there! This is a great opportunity at a fabulous price, so if you haven’t already, check it out and sign up before all the spots are filled.

Surface Design: Layering Color with SAQA Iowa Members, Rebecca Kemble and Rebecca Loew

January 22-23-24, 2016 @ Smiling Turtle Art Spot, Omaha, NE

This workshop is being offered at an incredibly reasonable rate for SAQA members – ALL THREE DAYS for just $130.00 ($150 for  non-SAQA members)  You will need to bring rubber gloves and a face mask, a pre-taped 10”x14” screen for screen printing and a squeegee, and 2 fq of ugly fabrics.


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