Members showing work in Omaha

Through the month of October six Nebraska SAQA members, along with six other local artists will have their work on exhibit at the Jewish Community Center Art Gallery in Omaha.

SAQA members Cynthia Levis, Peg Pennell, Dorothy Heidemann- Nelson, Jo Drueke, Pat Stava, and Marilyn Rembolt have pieces in the shows “Material World”, “Mandala”, and “Games We Play”.

The 12 artists belong to an Eastern Nebraska fiber art group, FiberWorks.  The group’s focus is to use fiber in interesting ways.  The group has several proposed “challenges” each year with members creating a piece for each challenge.   Many times a new technique is used on a piece and a “How To” is shared with the group.

The artwork will be on display until the 30th of October at:

Jewish Community Center
333 South 132nd St
Omaha, Ne 68154

Gallery hours
M-TH 8am – 9pm
F 8am-5pm
Sun 11am-5pm


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