Register for Surface design class at Smiling Turtle in January

SAQASurface Design2016

SAQASurface Design2016

Surface Design: Layering Color with SAQA Iowa Members, Rebecca Kemble and Rebecca Loew

January 22-23-24, 2016 @ Smiling Turtle Art Spot, Omaha, NE

This workshop is being offered at an incredibly reasonable rate for SAQA members – ALL THREE DAYS for just $130.00  You will need to bring rubber gloves and a face mask, a pre-taped 10”x14” screen for screen printing and a squeegee, and 2 fq of ugly fabrics.

We are looking for host(s) for both instructors (smoke/pet free) in exchange for attendance at the workshop.

We would also like to find hosts willing to open their homes to SAQA members from outside the area.

If you are willing to host, please talk to Dori (402) 660-2329.

Register at Smiling Turtle, by phone with Dori or online:

SAQASurface Design2016


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