Member Spotlight: Wendy Maliszewski

Hi! I’m Wendy! I am an artist. I was born in Tacoma, Washington and have lived all over the US while growing up. I graduated from the University of Nebraska with a degree in Textiles, Clothing and Design. I worked as an Interior Designer for many years, but am currently employed full-time at Creighton University.
My artistic work is mainly with fabric, but I also enjoy paint, working with clay, paper, metal and anything else that gets my hands dirty and generally makes a mess of things in my studio (and anywhere else in the house that inspiration strikes). I have always had an insatiable yearning to create and love seeing potential in things others view as discards. I find beauty all around me and as with most artists, I am never short of inspiration. I constantly have ideas for projects popcorning around in my head, which sometimes makes it hard to go to sleep at night.
I have been married to my patient husband of 40 years whom I often hear saying, “You want to do what?!?” to my crazy ideas. We have two beautiful, grown daughters that are an on-going source of amazement and inspiration to me.
I have exhibited my art quilts at shows in Nebraska and Iowa. I hope to eventually devote my attention to working full-time in my studio once I retire. Until then, I will continue to squeeze every last drop of creative studio time out of the day that I possibly can because it’s what gives me life.

Plus One, Pink and Black
Plus One – Pink and Black
Plus One – Red and Black


Gerbera Daisy 1



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