Member Spotlight: Rhonda Baldwin

Rhonda Baldwin

Meet Rhonda:

I have been a seamstress, interior designer, dance teacher, and sewing and quilting instructor.  Fabric has always been a big part of my life.   My studio is just so inviting to me. Not because it’s fancy and grand but because I just feel “right” when I’m working with fiber and stitch, paint and dye, paper and print.  I MUST create stuff.
Surface design has been the focus since college and I find that there is something new to discover everyday.  I recently began digital manipulation of motifs and look forward to really incorporating those elements into my surface design toolkit.
My work has recently been published in 1000 Quilt Inspirations by Dr, Sandra Sider and The Cherrywood Challenge 2014:Wicked, by Cherrywood Fabrics.  My work can be found in public and personal collections.

I am on a journey that I describe as finding my reality. I catch glimpses of it when I am in the studio.  Creating is my heart; next to my family, it is my truest happiness. Spending time with creative materials and light from my studio window brings me such a feeling of completeness. There is where I belong.  Surface design is my primary focus and serendipity is my path. Surprise delights my creative muse and brings me the most joy. I am currently working with mono printing, needle felting and stitch; both by hand and machine.

I can be reached for teaching and commissions at .   Please visit by blog at  

Where's Momma?
          Where’s Momma?
Always Home
                       Always Home

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