Member Spotlight: Elaine Jones

Elaine Jones
Elaine Jones

Meet Elaine: 

Elaine is a native Nebraskan, strongly influenced by growing up on a family dairy farm where she enjoyed all animals, birds, plants and the beauty of nature. Dreaming of being an artist as a child was not a practical idea. The lessons came from parents who survived the economic hardships of depression, drought and World War II through hard work; rural life included being a jack of all trades and hands-on skills.

First sewing experiences included escaping outdoors from 4-H projects and the unpopular scratching of initials on her mother’s black sewing machine. She enjoyed practical sewing applications during her lifetime with family clothing, drapery and upholstery (including using her 1959 Singer for both carpeting and upholstering an English sports car that she drag raced to break an existing record in K Stock). Retirement offered fresh and new challenges. The goal was to learn to quilt, to saturate her family with quilts before she died. And then, at the tender age of seventy she discovered Fiber Art.

Fiber Art brings the opportunity to again entertain the childhood dream of being an artist. Ideas involve her life experiences and appreciation of nature, graphic art and texture. The options for texture include not just fabrics, thread, buttons and beads, but also, wood, wire, paint, ink, drawings, photos and objects.

Elaine lives in West Omaha with enough ideas to saturate family (and friends) with quilts AND Fiber Art.

Woodpecker on a Tree
Although the woodpecker was done as the focus, people ask about the tree done with coconut shell beads and fabrics.
Drawings of the hummingbird and photos of the flowers were sent to Spoonflower and printed on fabric.
Arizona Mandala
Arizona Mandala
A unique piece of Arizona wood and fabric create a circle with embellishments including bamboo, wood beads, copper, turquoise and a peacock feather.







Wonky House
Wonky House now in the Architexture travelling exhibit currently being shown at AccuQuilt in Omaha, NE through March 26.
Peacock Feather  Black thread over colored sateen  and Angelina fibers create this peacock feather.
Peacock Feather
Black thread over colored sateen and Angelina fibers create this peacock feather.



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