“Architexture” exhibition calendar 2015

Congratulations to the exhibition committee headed by Cynthia Levis and assisted by Paulette Peters and Jo Drueke on a great opening for Architexture!
Thanks to all the participating artists that attended, and those that could not, for sharing your fabulous work!  The gallery is large enough to hang approximately half of the exhibition’s pieces, so we can look forward to seeing the entire show at other venues.  The selections were made by the Accuquilt staff, with one piece from each participating artist on display.
This was a great start for the two year run of this show.  I hope you will all take the time to view it at Accuquilt, where it will be through March 26th.
The 2015 currently scheduled venues are:
West Nebraska Center,  Scottsbluff NE. May 1-31 2015
Norfolk Arts Center, Norfolk NE. July 2- August 27, 2015
Beatrice Library, Beatrice NE. September 1- October 30, 2015

2 thoughts on ““Architexture” exhibition calendar 2015”

  1. So glad this exhibit is coming to Norfolk in July, while the Nebraska State Quilt Guild is holding QuiltNebraska here for the first time. Thanks, Peg, for your work on this.

    I wanted to go to the meeting in Omaha and bring some quilts related to architexture. The weather was too bad, and I chickened out of submitting my little quilts online. Maybe next time…

    Katie Wilson

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