Reminder: Delivery Instructions for “Architexture”

The deadline for getting your entered art work turned in for the Architexture show is fast approaching!  A few things to remember:

Artwork must be to Cynthia Levis by Jan 1, 2015

Cynthia Levis

5910 South 88th

Lincoln, NE 68526

We realize that some of you have entered more than one piece, but due to the nature of this exhibition, each artwork must be individually boxed in it’s own container!!  As some of the venues are not as large, each piece may not be shown at every venue, so each work must be safely wrapped in it’s own, closed package!!

This can be a box or a tube, remembering that it cannot be more than 2″ larger than your piece.  ALL wrappings and your container should be marked with your name.

Some ideas for your package are:

A shipping tube if your piece is small can be rolled.  It is genearlly best to roll the piece around something inside the tube, such as a roll of batting covered with muslin or a smaller carboard tube, again covered with muslin to protect the work.  Then cover the work with a piece of muslin and a plastic bag, to protect for any unforseen occurances of water….Heaven forbid!!! And put it in the tube.  There are different reasons to wrap with the right side out or in.  Here are some thoughts on that- if it has embellishments that might be damaged, perhaps wrong side out is better, but if it can be rolled right side out the corners will tend to curl towards the wall rather than out when the piece is unrolled.

Make a box to custom fit your work. Roll and wrap your work as above and measure the package. Cut a piece of cardboard large enough to create a box that will be “cozy” but not too tight for the piece.  It is usually easier to pre-fold the cardboard, perhaps scoring the folds.  Use sturdy packing tape to secure the box.  One idea is to permanently close one end and make a “cap” for the other end that will fit over, like a shoe box.  This can be taped in place and easily reused for each venue.

If your piece must be flat, create a box that is large enough for your piece but only deep enough to accomodate the work with little to spare so it will not shift and bunch when moved about. It is best to enclose the work in plastic in this type box as well.

Mark all your packaging with a water proof marker that will not rub off on anything!!!!

Hopefully this will be helpful to you in packaging your piece!

Peg will be picking up artwork at The Smiling Turtle on Friday December 12th.  If you want her to deliver your work to Cynthia, have it there by noon that day!!!

If you do not have it at the Smiling Turtle by noon on Friday December 12th, it will your responsibility to get it to Cynthia.

Any questions, contact Peg at

Thanks for entering your work, it looks like we will have a wonderful show!

Shea and Peg


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