Prospectus for Regional SAQA Exhibit, “Deeply Rooted”

Look out for updates  which will include the call for entry for our regional, four state collaborative SAQA exhibit beginning October 2015 in Des Moines.

The exhibit is called “Deeply Rooted”. What does it mean to be deeply rooted, to be uprooted and to put down one’s roots again? What nourishes us in good times and bad? How do we find strength after the storms of life have left? How does our connection to nature, community and spirituality support us? The exhibit “Deeply Rooted” explores the meaning of connection. The theme of being deeply rooted may be interpreted by the artist in abstract or realistic ways.

The first venue will be at the AQS QuiltWeek.  The exhibit will give SAQA artists from Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin an excellent opportunity to showcase their art. QuiltWeek is seen by over 15,000 visitors every year. Approximately 30 works of art will be chosen for the exhibit.



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