Member Spotlight: Jo Drueke

Jo Drueke, Exhibition Committee
Jo Drueke, Exhibition Committee

Meet Jo

Jo Drueke’s work reflects her interest in the environment which began as a child growing up on a Nebraska farm. Working in an intuitive manner, she allows the work and process to determine how the quilt develops. Inspired by the textural beauty found in nature and the ever changing environment, she utilizes stitch and embellishments to form the dimensional and tactile qualities of the finished piece. She is a member of Studio Art Quilt Associates, Surface Design Association,  Midwest Fiber Art Alliance, Fiber Works, Nebraska State Quilt Guild, and the Lincoln Quilt Guild.  Her works have been exhibited in many shows in Nebraska.  Jo won Best of Division in Mixed Media at the 2011 Nebraska State Fair with her work “Forest Floor” (below).

Artist Statement

I’ve loved nature as long as I can remember.  I spend hours examining the color, pattern, texture and structure of the small: seed pods, leaves, berries, and bark. Spiritual and ecological truths can be observed in nature:  all things are impermanent, life is rooted in seasons, and there is beauty in the withered, weathered and tarnished.  I am motivated to create by bringing attention to the often overlooked, unnoticed world.

Fabric and other fibers fascinate me, especially as I combine them to reflect what I observe and photograph in nature.  I often combining fabric with paper, threads, paint or other embellishments.  I use items found in nature and natural dye techniques to create my own printed fabric and fibers.

I love living in Nebraska!  What I enjoy most are the varied environments found within the borders of our state.  My art is a reflection of meditating on my love of our natural world.

Mini Portfolio

"Forest Floor"
“Forest Floor”
"Autumn Leaves"
“Autumn Leaves”
"Blue Solitude"
“Blue Solitude”
"Growing on Prairie"
“Growing on Prairie”

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