New Regional Co-Rep: Peg Pennell

Hi! I’m Peg Pennell, and as of August 1st, I am your new co-rep for the Nebraska region of SAQA.

I live just outside of Ashland, NE. I have been involved in quilting since I made my first quilt in 1973. I have been a member of the Omaha Quilters Guild, Cottonwood Quilters and the Nebraska State Quilt Guild. I also belong to several National quilt organizations. I belong to Midwest Fiber Art Alliance and Fiber Funatics, two regional art quilt groups.

While I still make the occasional functional quilt, the focus of my work is no longer in main stream quilting. I enjoy creating pieces designed for display rather than function, using textiles, and quilting in particular, in interesting new ways.

I am excited with this new opportunity to not only share my love of fiber art with other like minded people, but also to have the chance to bring a greater awareness of quilting as an art form to the general public.

Rebecca has been working with me to take over the reins for the Time Lines show so it can continue to have a smooth sail through it’s scheduled showings. She is so amazingly organized, that it should be easy!

Dori and I are working towards making the Nebraska region a vital art community with plenty of opportunities for participation on the member’s parts.  We are lucky to have someone as skilled on the computer as Dori to help our region with all of the tech stuff involved in any organization today!   We have lots of ideas for activities for our region but we want your ideas too!

We are working to get a survey together to send to you so we can get your input as to what activities YOU want our group to organize and participate in. It is really important for you to respond to the survey, as we will use it as the basis for the plans we formulate for the whole group. If you want your voice heard, please respond to the survey when it arrives!!

I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you and hope to meet many of you at our next meeting on October 20th in Columbus, NE. More details to come on location and time for the meeting. The Columbus opening of our Time Lines show will be that day at 2:00. Hope to see you there!

Peg Pennell


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