Extention, again!

My Fellow Artists,
We are at the end of the scheduled extension for the call for entry for The Natural World.  Unfortunately, we do not have enough entries to fill the show for the venues we have scheduled.  As curator, I have made the decision to extend the deadline again until January 15th and have increased the number of pieces you may exhibit to 6 for your fee of $35.00.  
You may amend your entries from the link in the email confirmation you received from ArtCall.  There is no limitation for year made.  If your piece was made prior to 2014, simply enter it as 2014 and send me an email with the corrections.  As long as the piece meets the size restrictions and the theme, please consider submitting it to this showcase.
We have an obligation to the scheduled venues to provide a well rounded show with an interesting theme and we have not yet gotten to this point.  I urge you to look through your work and submit additional pieces or go ahead and enter if you have not done so.  If we do not get to 22 pieces, we may have to cancel this showcase and will not receive a refund from ArtCall. 
Currently registered      10 artists 
Currently entered          15 pieces
Thanks for your consideration.
Rhonda Baldwin
The Natural World

Reminder: The Natural World call of Entry deadline December 31,2018

Important Reminder: The Natural World call of entry deadline December 31,2018.

Go to: SAQA.com, call of entry, The Natural World If you have any questions/concerns,

Contact Rhonda Baldwin at rhondabaldwin@mac.com

SAQA Nebraska 2019 Meeting Schedule:


2400 SOUTH 56TH ST., LINCOLN,NE. 68506

Meeting Times /Dates:

All meeting times: 10:30am-12:00pm

March 23rd

May 18th

July 20th

November 16th

December 14&15 Lori Bain taught Indigo(Friday) and Procion/Low Water Immersion method(Saturday) Dye classes. Some Ne. SAQA Nebraska members attended; here are some photos of their work!

Everyone have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Cynthia Levis and Rhonda Baldwin

SAQA NE. Nov. 17, 2018 meeting minutes

Minutes from the November 17, 2018 SAQA  Nebraska meeting

Items discussed at meeting:

1) We have received a letter from the IQSCM asking SAQA NE. to sponsor one Pumphrey Family Gallery Exhibit per year @ $200.00.  This monies would be our contribution for SAQA NE. using the seminar room 4 times a year for our quarterly meetings.

I know of no (grant) monies allocated from SAQA to be used for rental space of our quarterly meetings.  This would mean, at each meeting the members in attendance would each need to pay our portion to come up with $50.00 for rent.

The members present at the meeting agreed we should look for an alternative space in Lincoln for our quarterly meetings.   I had spoken with Bernina in Lincoln; their 2nd and 3rd Saturdays are booked for 2019.  I’m looking at a few more suggested places, will keep you informed.

I will be sending a email to the IQSCM stating; “with regret, we will not be able to meet at IQSCM in 2019.  We enjoyed the location and the facility.”

2) The Natural World call of entry deadline for registration is November 30,2018.  It was brought up, could the registration deadline be changed.  Rhonda and I discussed this, Rhonda contacted SAQA and has changed the call of entry deadline has been changed to DECEMBER 31,2018.

3) The Natural World exhibit was setup using ArtCall so everyone could get familiar with the process ie. Photos sent at correct size etc.  We all will learn information we will be able to use in the future. We will not be using ArtCall for future exhibits. ArtCall has raised their fee from $350.00 under 100 pieces in a exhibit to $400.00.  This is money we don’t have.

4) Betty Busby and Jennifer Solon have come up with a few alternatives regional exhibitions could use.  I have talked with a Shannon from New Mexico on the type of program she has setup. I did do a trail run with her and I think it will work for us.  Will go into more detail on how this works in the future.

***A big THANK YOU to Mike Dunnetts for taking photos of members works and giving information needed when taking photos for entry to SAQA exhibitions.

Information for submitting Photos for exhibitions to SAQA:  Go to SAQA website/members/Exhibition Policies and FAQ’s scroll down to Questions about Digital images.

  • Help with resizing Photos by Gloria Hansen
  • Photographing Your Own Quilt courtesy of Maria Elkins
  • Submitting Photos to SAQA Publications by Deidre Adams

If you are still needing to get photos taken, email LaVonne they are planning on setting up a time to take some photos.  Remember wine always makes a good “Thank you”


Shelly Burge had information on Lori Bain’s Indigo Dye Workshop on Dec. 14 and Procion / Low Water Immersion Dye Workshop on Dec.15 2018 will be held at Ne. Innovation Studio

Just was in contact with Lori, she said there are still spots available!!!

Here is the website:



Cindy Erickson recommended a book: “Create your own Improv Quilts” by Reyna Gillmann  Cindy said there are some great information on design and techniques. This might be a good Christmas present for yourself or that special quilting friend!!!

Hoping everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

  Rhonda Baldwin and Cynthia Levis                    Submitted/prepared  by Cynthia Levis

Reminder: November 17 2018 Meeting

Meeting will begin at 10:15am at the IQSCM located at the corner of 33rd and Holdrege in Lincoln NE.

LaVonne Dunetts’ husband, Mike will be here to take photos of our finished pieces and teach us how to set up Photography equipment properly, to achieve professional quality photos.

You can bring your computer along, sign in as a guest to UNL and register your your piece/s into “The Natural World” during the meeting.  You do have till November 30 12:00pm. to register.

Remember the IQSCM is having their Friends of the Mueseum Art Market!

It runs Friday and Saturday, doors open at 9:00 both days!!!!

See you Saturday!!

Cynthia and Rhonda


SAQA NE. member Chris Taylor is having a busy month.

Her exhibit “Abstract Explorations in Fabric” is showing at Burkholder Project at 719 P street Lincoln NE. 402-477-3305

Times open: First Friday November 2, 5:30-8:00pm

Tuesday – Friday 10:00-4;00pm

Saturday 11:00-3:00pm

“Gifted-Holiday-Show” November/December

At Lux Center for the Arts 2601 North 48th street Lincoln NE.

402-466-8692 LUXcenter.org

First Friday November 2, 5:00-7:00pm

Times open: Tuesday/Friday 11;00-5:00pm

Saturday 10:00-5:00pm

“Voices of Hope” Benifit

November 9, 6:00-10:00pm

at Vallan

1725 South 6th street Lincoln NE.

402-421-3311. Vahallan.com

Chris has a piece featured at: MEDICI Event.

First Friday preview

Event on November 13, 6:30-9:00pm

Richard Hall Lincoln NE.

Rembember: SAQA “Passages” is exhibitiong at Beatrice Library in Beatrice NE. The month of November. This is it’s last exhibit before the pieces go back home to their owners!

If anyone has anything going on in November please let me know and Ill get it posted on our blog!

Submitted by Cynthia Levis

3rd Quarter Recap

Our 3rd quarter meeting was held September 8, 2018 at the International Quilt Study Center in Lincoln, NE 9 Members and 1 guest were present.

Survey Recap:
The Survey results were shared with the membership. Several members expressed interest in helping write for the blog and Facebook. If you have an article you would like to share, please email it to Rhonda at rhondabaldwin@mac.com See link to recap notes:

Betty Busby Workshop-
We will host a workshop with Betty Busby August 8-10, 2019 in Lincoln, Ne. We will host the Multi media workshop. It will be open to members of SAQA NE first and then open to the public if space is available. You must be a SAQA member of the Nebraska region as your first or second region. The 3-D workshop will be in Omaha with MFAA. It is open to members of that group first then the public if space is still available.

Betty will be staying at the Levis home as they have other business thereby saving our group housing. Debo gave a report on the location scouting. So far, the Innovation Campus at the University of Nebraska seems like the best solution. Accommodations are not available at this location. More information will be forthcoming after the committee meets.

We will have a committee for the Busby Workshop with Cynthia Levis, Rhonda Baldwin, Debo Hysack and Dianne Duncan Thomas. Dianne is also on the committee from MFAA, the group that is hosting the other workshop with Betty following ours in the Omaha area. She will coordinate with that group.

The Natural World is open for entry. Fees must be paid on the SAQA site.

Pay here: http://www.saqa.com/calendar-detail.php?ID=5781
Enter here: http://saqacallforentrynaturalworldnebraska.com

We will have LaVonne Dunetts’ husband, Mike  here to take photos and teach you how to set up your equipment properly. We will also be “entering” during our meeting in November if you want to wait and do so with the “group led” process or you can enter anytime before the end of November. Remember to bring your laptop or tablet with you to enter. Mike will have the photos for us that day. The meeting will be longer than normal. Please mark your calendars. November 17th, 10:15 at the IQSC, Lincoln, NE.

We need committee volunteers to make a show catalog for The Natural World. We discussed the SAQA account that is used with Amazon for print on demand catalogs. This can be a good source of funds for covering show expenses. We will need this done before the opening of the show in April. Deadline by March 1. Please contact Rhonda if you are interested.

Passages Updates
Cynthia drove the exhibit to Paducah, KY after receiving it from the last venue. Before that could happen, Marilyn Rembolt, Dorothy Heideman Nelson and Peg Pennell volunteered to help hand-sew each piece to the black felt panels required by the venues for hanging. See photo below

These panels will come in handy for hanging other shows in the future.

We want to express our huge thanks and heartfelt gratitude to these women for stepping up and helping get the show ready to hang in the AQS shows in Paducah and Virginia Beach. The Virginia Beach show dates are October 3-6th.

Friends of Museum Art Market-

Our next meeting coincides with the Art Market put on by the Friends of the Museum. Please consider making donations of hand dyed fabric, art cloth, collectables, vintage sewing items etc to the group. Donations can be dropped off in Lincoln at the IQSC or in Omaha to Dianne Duncan Thomas or LaVonne Dunetts. Forms are available from same.

Support the museum that supports us by allowing us to have meetings free of charge in there beautiful facility.

12 x 12 Auction Going on Now

Nebraska region donated 21 pieces this year! We are so happy to have won the award for the highest participation in a small region. The prize money will go to paying for the black panels with the balance going to our workshop expenses.

Please consider buying some art to support our organization too!


-SAQA Seminar—Visual Design began September 10th You can still sign up.

-Exhibition Opportunities- check the SAQA site and also consider….

-2019 Auction 12” x 12”

-SAQA Members Only Facebook group-daily quilt post still has spots available. email             Linda Syversen Guild at syverson.guild@outlook.com

-2019 Conference Showcase Donation -watch the website for the call.

JoAnne Alberda- Tales from a Ghost Town, The Octagon, Ames, Iowa thru Sept 29

-I Walk, Nobles County Art Center, Worthington, MN thru Oct 19


Shea Wilkinson- Parallel Worlds, Gallery 72-Omaha, NE Sept 14-Oct 6

Cynthia Levis presenting Passages at the gallery opening in Falls City, NE — upper left

Passages, Stalder Gallery, Falls City Library, Falls City, NE —upper right

Passages, American Quilters Society Fall Show 2018, Paducah, KY

Meeting Recap-

Our quarterly meeting was held Saturday, June 16 at the IQSC in Lincoln, NE. There were ten members present, Elaine Jones, Kim Creamer, Chris Taylor, Gail Dickel, Debo Hysack, Dorothy Heidemann-Nelson, Wendy Maliszewski, Debi Kibbee, Cynthia Levis and Rhonda Baldwin. We discussed the light turn out and decided that in future, we would still hold meetings on schedule with members looking to the recap for the basic info they miss.

Cynthia heard from the Stalder Galley located in the Falls City Library, it will exhibit “Passages” July 13-August 25, 2018. We have been asked to do a Artist talk and a workshop. The dates available for the talk and workshop are July 13 or 14 ( both talk and workshop) or July 20 talk, July 21 workshop. Stalder Gallery would be setup workshop from 9:00-12:00, 3 artists @ 45 minute mini sessions or 2 artists @ 1hr. 15 min. sessions and wrap up.

****Cynthia needs to know ASAP, who would be willing to do the workshop and what technique you would be teaching. Do need to let Stalder Gallery know for Promotion of workshop.****

It was reported by Rhonda that we had a balance of $971.28 in our regional account with SAQA. This balance does not reflect the expenses for Passages exhibit but does include the monies received for winning the 12” x 12” challenge. We had 21 participants from our small region giving us the win in the small region category. Kudos and thank you to all the artists!

The Betty Busby workshop has been tentatively scheduled for Aug 7-11, 2019. We were very happy that Betty added us to her full schedule. We will be choosing the class from the survey results that will sent out at the beginning of July.

This will be a comprehensive survey of all the regional members and will help us plan the future programs and direction our region will take. Please watch your email for the links for the survey from Survey Monkey.

Dorothy Heidemann-Nelson brought the Friends of IQSC Bazaar to our attention which will be held at IQSC during our upcoming November 2018 meeting. This table is requesting donations of salable items with all proceeds going to support the museum. If you wish to donate, items must be to Dorothy by November 16th. Hand dyed fabrics, small work, vintage sewing items are all big sellers. Because we have our meetings here, it’s a great way to show our support for the museum and it’s work.

It would be a great time to pick up some special gifts for Christmas!

We are determining interest in a road trip to Paducah, KY for the AQS show this September 12-15, 2018. Our regional show, Passages will be traveling to this prestigious quilt show and we are excited to share it. Anyone interested in going along, please contact Cynthia. cynthialevis@hotmail.com

A short description of the Regional Conference in San Antonio was presented. Rhonda and Cynthia had a great time sight-seeing along the riverwalk and meeting up with their fellow reps, and meeting new people and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The short talks and local presenters were the highlight of the conference. Especially good was local artist Miki Rodriguez http://www.mikirodriguez.com. Her work was so refreshing and interesting and listening to her story was inspiring. Jaye Dodds and her daughter did a very funny talk about traveling together to conferences and fiber art gatherings. Jane Dunnewold gave the keynote on energy work and creativity. So many good speakers this year.

The program planned for this meeting will be postponed until the September meeting due to the light turnout and the fact we did not have access to our regular meeting room. Elaine Jones and Debo Hysack both shared during the Show and Tell portion. Debo remarked that the Indigo dye class at the Innovation Campus was a very good valueand recommended participation in the next event.

Debo also shared an event ongoing at Elkhorn Metro Campus gallery featuring Madison and Matthew Creech’s work. Visit their website at http://www.cheechers.com

We still have a SAQA Trunk Show in our possession until August 1st if anyone is interested in displaying it at a local guild meeting. Contact Cynthia for more information.

Next meeting is September 8th at the IQSC from 10-12. Remember this is a home football game and prepare accordingly(traffic).
Rhonda Baldwin
Nebraska Regional Co-Representative
Studio Art Quilt Associates


Meeting Coming Up

Good Afternoon SAQA Nebraskans,

Just a quick reminder of the meeting this Saturday, June 16 at the IQSC in Lincoln. (10am-12pm)
We will start promptly at 10:10 (building opens at 10:00) and need to be out of the building by noon for a luncheon so
please plan your arrivals accordingly.  We will be meeting upstairs in the atrium area due to
other activites scheduled in the museum.  We have a fun program planned to stretch your skills of
Hope to see you Saturday!

Nebraska Region Studio Art Quilt Associates Blog