“Deeply Rooted” getting press

Read the article with the accompanying image at:  http://www.kearneyhub.com/news/entertainment/see-historical-contemporary-quilt-pieces-at-mona-s-deeply-rooted/article_8f3ee054-12d0-11e6-a1af-5ba4e993c84b.html?mode=jqm

See historical, contemporary quilt pieces at MONA’s ‘Deeply Rooted’ exhibit

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KEARNEY — The exhibit, “Deeply Rooted: Studio Art Quilts Associates,” contains fiber, tradition, social circles and even a sense of family.

“Now it has morphed into an art form,” said curator Teliza Rodriguez. “I think these pieces still carry the basic ideas of communal life and a sense of community.”

Looking at quilts often gives viewers a sense of tradition, she added.

“They’ve taken these quilts to an art form where they aren’t functional anymore as quilts, but they’ve become more creative,” she said.

“Deeply Rooted,” a juried exhibition of 30 quilts organized by the Studio of Art Quilt Associates, continues on display at the Museum of Nebraska Art through Aug. 7. All of the quilts were created by members of the studio who live in Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

“We know that people love quilts,” Rodriguez said. “We like the idea of putting in a quilt show at least once a year or once every two years.”

The most recent show displayed historical quilts along with more modern examples.

“That showed traditional quilts as well as contemporary quilts that were not non-functional,” she said. “This current show highlights what is being done in quilting today.”

Rodriquez, along with University of Nebraska at Kearney intern, Alise Perault, worked with members of Studio Art Quilts Associates for several years before securing the “Deeply Rooted.”

“This is a show that we felt was a good fit for MONA,” Rodriquez said. “I think the show will be touring the state but we’re one of the first to have it. This is just a good time to work with contemporary quilters as well.”

According to the website of Studio Art Quilt Associates, the group “is dedicated to bringing beautiful, thought-provoking, cutting-edge artwork to venues across the United States and around the world.”

June 11 meeting Update

Next meeting: June 11, 2016 10:00 am
                                                               Our next meeting will be held at:

                 Sheila Hicks                  “Grand Prayer Rug,” 1966
Joslyn Art Museum
2200 Dodge Street
Omaha, NE 68102-1292
We were lucky to have a member (Deb Hysack) and a guest (Jean Stillmock) at our meeting to let us know about an upcoming opportunity at the Museum! Jean is a
docent at the museum and has arranged for us to have a tour on June 11, 2016 at 10:00.
Put the date on your calendar now, it is a wonderful opportunity for the group! We hope many of you can attend. We will be contacting you as it gets closer so we can give the museum an accurate count of attendees. They like to have groups of 15 or less with each docent, so we need a count to know how many docents will be
required. This event is free to Joslyn members, there will most likely be a fee for non members. We will fill you in on that as we get closer to the event.
Below is information about the exhibition we will be seeing.
“Joslyn Art Museum is pleased to present the first major exhibition to feature Sheila
Hicks in the artist’s home state of Nebraska. Drawing on global weaving traditions,the
history of painting and sculpture, graphic design, and architecture among many
sources, Hicks has redefined the role of fiber in art, influencing a generation of artists.
From monumental architectural interventions to her intimate minimes, or “miniatures,”
Hicks’ compositions combine a finely tuned sensitivity to color, line, and texture with a
distinct consciousness of how her work transforms physical space.
Joslyn’s exhibition spans nearly sixty years of the artist’s prolific career. Colorful
suspended fiber pieces that cascade down walls will transform the Museum’s Pavilion
galleries, while free- standing sculptures that combine supple materials with objects
such as clocks and bathtubs will remind viewers that nothing is off limits for Hicks. The
exhibition will also present a selection of minimes, created in response to specific
places or memories, as well as her latest fiber “drawings” on paper. Hicks has also
proposed to create a new piece in response to the Midwestern landscape specifically
for the exhibition. Placing older work in conversation with recently-made objects, this
exhibition reflects Hicks’ understanding of her own practice not as a trajectory, but
rather as a continuous, open plane that has allowed for innovation, appropriation,and
constant reinvention.”
Approximately 50 works including a large rug, 3 D sculptures, medium to large wall
hangings plus her famous minimes (small works that Hicks made on a small hand loom
where she experimented with various methods, techniques…..
More information about Sheila Hicks – http://www.sheilahicks.com/index.html

Potential Volunteer roles for the 2017 Conference

Below is a list of various volunteer tasks that would best be achieved by local SAQA members. There are a few items in particular that we would really love to be filled by members in or near Lincoln. Please take a look at the list and see if there is anything you would like to help out with. If everyone took one task, we’d get the job done in no time! Thanks in advance for your help – we’re going to host a wonderful conference, Nebraska-style.

Coordinate Friday Night Out

Gather a list of restaurants for small groups 4-8 to dine together. Be the point person with the restaurants (make the initial contact, make reservations, etc.) Assist SEC with sign-ups for the dinners. Please include restaurants with some vegetarian options.

Gather tourist information

  • Create list of local restaurants/breakfast places-especially ones within walking distance or that don’t require a car.
  • Create list of local things to do: fabric stores, galleries, museums, whatever you think the attendees would like to know about.
  • Create list of Local fiber exhibits for people to visit in their spare time
  • Arrange to have tourist info for conference bag
  • Staff hospitality Table during registration
  • Have a table at the registration staffed by people who know the area, can make suggestions, etc.
  • Help recruit Advertisers for the conference program
  • Help recruit Vendors for Vendor Marketplace
  • If there is to be a Regional Exhibition near the conference venue, we need someone to keep the SEC apprised.
  • Develop a list of people who want to volunteer at the conference (in conjunction with the Conference Coordinator) Please note: most of the help will be needed shortly before and/or during the conference.
  • Give suggestions for local conference sponsors
  • Receive packages (hotels charge for receiving packages shipped to the hotel), and bring the packages to the hotel when the conference starts.
  • Assist with other things as needed (shopping, printing, stuffing registration bags, etc.)

SAQA Conference in Lincoln next spring

Next year SAQA will have its first joint conference with the International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska. There will be several fiber shows in the area and in the brand new galleries of the IQSCM! Remember to start planning your entry for “Layered Voices,” which will debut there next year in time for the conference.

Here are the details of the conference at this time:

April 2730, 2017

Embassy Suites by Hilton Lincoln
1040 P Street, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68508

The success of a conference like this begins with dedicated volunteers in the local region – That’s US, folks!  So, if you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Peg or I and we will give you any information we have and the main contact point. Remember, this is not only a great opportunity for our region, but it’s a great way to connect with other members around the country, and possibly build long-term relationships.

One last thing: If you have any information about fun things to do, landmarks, anything of interest in Lincoln that you think might appeal to visiting SAQA members, please pass it along in an email or at our next meeting.


Shelly Burge showing at IQSCM

Shelly Burge
Shelly Burge

Shelly Burge is currently showing at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska,  with a piece in the show “Artquilts of the Midwest.” The show is up through May 8th, so hurry down to see it! There is a beautiful book with 60 colored images archiving the show.

Buy the book here or on Amazon.



Relieve your quilting pains

Recently, I rediscovered an amazing method of exercising. I’ve owned a book including these exercises for many years, but it’s difficult to follow the book and do simultaneously. I have simply lived with back, shoulder and neck pain as a way of life for a quilter, but it doesn’t have to be that way, and the last few days of performing these exercises has proved it to me. They are for all ages, very gentle and relaxing.

I really felt compelled to share this with you all, as I’m sure you experience the same discomforts I do from quilting and would like some relief (cause we’ll never give up quilting!)

For more information about the Feldenkrais  Method: http://www.feldenkrais.com/whatis

I recommend all of the videos on YouTube by Charlie Murdoch, but here’s a good one to start with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBMgXJZQ9jE

Hope you enjoy and feel as good as I do now!

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